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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    This is kind of interesting to me. For the past 15 years people have been telling my wife and I that we look like brother and sister. Despite being MBTI polar opposites, we have many similarities, such as fitness habits, lifestyle choices, taste in foods, music, etc. There just might be something to what you said. We choose people who remind us of the parts of ourselves we like in some way, in some cases physical, and in others differently maybe. Hmmm.

    I do know that when I met my wife's Dad, I was kind of shocked in that he is a gregarious extravert like me (maybe ESFX) and when he was younger he had long hair and was fit, like I am now. So somehow, I have thought that my wifey may have selected me as part of a subliminal Electra complex.
    LOL this is not unusual for people to be attracted to really similar people. I have met other couples who even describe their partner as "they look like my sibling" or other people looking think that. That's also why real life siblings sometimes get mistaken for couples - all strangers read sometimes is your comfort/intimacy with one another, not the kind of closeness . Or actual couples get mistaken for siblings (I've seen this more with same sex couples).

    As for choosing people that remind you of your parents or siblings, I think that's true more when the person actually had a *good* relationship with their parent. It does make sense in that they are already used to and comfortably having hopefully a good, functional relationship with a 'type' of person (using Typology, a person with X,Y,Z dominant functions).

    I think it's more interesting when a person keeps dating 'the same person' over and over. I'm not really sure how to take that, to be flattered or you know, the opposite of flattered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    ^ I'm the same way with art. Not that I don't care for symbolism and content in art, but is that what I first look take interest in it for? No. And in music, I'm attracted specifically to the sounds first. Even in vocals, it's the sound and timbre of the voices. Not the lyrics. Lyrics are more like icing on the cake for me. And hell, sometimes I find beauty in the most insane lyrics, that are dimetrically opposed to my values, just because how "Hack the heads off little girls. Put on my wall!"
    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I do the same with music- it's the sound first that draws me in... I sometimes don't know the lyrics to songs I really like

    Saturday Night, by the misfits, is a pretty marvelously psycho song as well

    I guess that Se captivates me first with things and then is followed up by the other functions- image and sound before meanings
    Oh noez! i do these things with music too...could i be

    an S!!! :confused: dun dun DUUUNNNN

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    you're welcome to come over BC

    my ENFJ sis knows the lyrics to EVERY song and occasionally points out things like "I bet she's so sad because..." about paintings
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    Quote Originally Posted by VagrantFarce View Post
    Describing something as "beautiful" just means that it's poking endorphin buttons in your brain - maybe in function terms, it would be somehow "confirming" or "illustrating" how your functions operate together.
    i believe that for different types the reward system(release of endorphin and other chemicals) works differently on same functions. but it depends on other factors also than type, like how someone perceives the situation based on past experiences(how the reward system has developed to that function and i dont believe that its based on the function strength). and how the person associates the function thats poked, like if someone would associate use of Ti with their first boyfriend that was the sweetest guy ever, but someone the same type who didnt got boyfriend with Ti would have the reward system differently on talking to person using Ti. but two people same type have reward system working on same function unless its been trained for other functions.
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