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  • INTP

    8 5.16%
  • INTJ

    12 7.74%
  • ENTP

    29 18.71%
  • ENTJ

    26 16.77%
  • INFP

    5 3.23%
  • INFJ

    13 8.39%
  • ENFP

    8 5.16%
  • ENFJ

    20 12.90%
  • ISTP

    6 3.87%
  • ISFP

    6 3.87%
  • ESTP

    7 4.52%
  • ESFP

    3 1.94%
  • ISTJ

    0 0%
  • ISFJ

    4 2.58%
  • ESTJ

    4 2.58%
  • ESFJ

    4 2.58%
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    Quote Originally Posted by D'Artagnan View Post
    INFJ or ENFP. I dig being ENTP but there's something about Fi that seems wicked cool Then I could travel through time or read minds or whatever it lets you do... Nothing personal against SFs but I don't think I could give up Ne, its the bee's knees! In the end went for INFJ; they seem to right most of the time

    Ne = repeat
    D'Artagnan, I love it, brother! The Ne makes me feel crazy sometimes, though. Fi seems worse somehow. Like swimming in an ocean that is thousands of miles deep.
    "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave."

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    I don't think I would change.. I honestly don't want to head down that road of "comparing" myself to others, and wish I was more like them.. I have learned that leads to "Self-pity" and "Depression". Learn to appreciate you for you and with each passing day of life that brings trials that come about; Are really just more opportunities to grow with peserverance and learning more about you.. We all were created unique and should use our differen't perceptions, talents, abilities, etc.. to benefit mankind.. Don't let this culture fill you with ideas of what you "Should be"; instead be you.. I've learn to appreciate me more and more; Does that mean I never have any low points in life? Heck nooooooo, but I learned when I'm being me and not someone else; I'm generally more atpeace with myself.. I encourage you all to appreciate who you are and not what others want you to be..
    "People often Find out the truth, when its too late!!!"

    Introverted (I) 78.79% Intuitive (N) 61.54% Feeling (F) 65.85% Judging (J) 60.53%

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    ENTP! Easy choice.
    Freude, schöner Götterfunken Tochter aus Elysium, Wir betreten feuertrunken, Himmlische, dein Heiligtum! Deine Zauber binden wieder Was die Mode streng geteilt; Alle Menschen werden Brüder, Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sytpg View Post
    INFJ's aren't Ne dominant, they are Ni dominant
    My bad dude, I generally use socionics to break down information elements or "functions". The EII (or INFj) has introverted ethics (feeling) as a prime function and extroverted intiuition as a creative function. I really like MBTI for its description of the archetypes but I find it falls through a bit with function analysis. The INFjs I've meet are generally really good at knowing what other people's feelings are towards the world (Fi), and seem to definetly know what it is that they think

    Still, would love to try being one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    D'Artagnan, I love it, brother! The Ne makes me feel crazy sometimes, though. Fi seems worse somehow. Like swimming in an ocean that is thousands of miles deep.
    For me, perhaps any ENTP, I have a hard time telling how exactly I feel about situations, people or objects. When I enter my bedroom I don't particularly care if its a bit messy or not very well light, but subconsciosly I will avoid spending there if it is unwelcoming (perhaps a bit Si as well). Similarly, I'm not entirely sure about how I feel about other people - I may like or dislike them but not in the absolutist way of someone who knows what they feel. Its not the emotions aren't there, its just that I can sometimes be oblivious to them

    Have trouble giving up that Ne addiction though, most assuredly my drug of choice

    Ne =

    ENTP = Binge Thinker
    Chivalry is only a name for that general spirit or state of mind which disposes men to heroic actions, and keeps them conversant with all that is beautiful and sublime in the intellectual and moral world
    - Kenelm Henry Digby

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