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    Feelings? ...haha.
    Beliefs/values/dreams/experiences/wishes/fears? I'll never make the first move. Talking about my personal values and beliefs is uncomfortable because I don't find that I can translate them into anything meaningful outside of the context of my own mind. I usually avoid bringing up my opinions because nine times out of then, the other party gets flippant or emotional (often because my opinions are so unemotional) and it's difficult to have any sort of debate, so I wait for them to offer their side first and try to anticipate how reasonably they'd react to my own. If I think they will respond reasonably and I respect them, I'll share, but I dislike talking about myself in general.

    I'm liable to ramble about my interests, but it quickly becomes a conversation about the interest and nothing to do with me whatsoever.

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    Well, I refuse to discuss personal topics even if asked directly, so I'd say INFPs have good potential for such behavior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xNTP View Post
    For real, I can't get those guys to talk about anything!
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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    When I was younger I wouldn't talk to people about my personal stuff.

    The years I was 17-19 I lived among people because I had to work and go to school but I was like a virtual recluse even while among them. I didn't even share my thoughts and feelings with boyfriends. I kept everything very surface and immediate with everyone.

    I didn't trust other people, at all. I didn't trust that anyone would want to talk to me for geniunue reasons because I felt myself to be totally unlikable and boring. I believed anyone who wanted to befriend me wanted to use or mock me. But I had a lot going on in my home/family life that warped my view of the world.

    I got a little better when I met my husband and he warmed me some. But around age 33 I had a dramatic change in outlook on the world and people and myself. Like a part of me woke up for the first time.

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