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    Quote Originally Posted by JustHer View Post
    What the hell is folk typology?
    SolitaryWalker's favorite subject.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SolitaryWalker View Post
    Jaguar, you're just a troll who has nearly nothing to contribute to any thread. Pipe down.
    Actually, Jaguar says some funny and occasionally insightful things. The only thing you seem to be contributing to this thread is a pompous, snide attitude. It doesn't really matter what you know if all you do is use it to mock and talk down to people. You really should learn how to communicate with others.

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    I've incorrectly mistyped an ISFP as an INFP before.
    The other one is an ESTJ as an ISTJ.

    First one was because of the amount of Fi and what I thought was 'Ne' in her behaviour and speech lead me to believe she was an INFP. Later on, I sort of realised... actually she engages in alot of destructive behaviour. She's quite intelligent, just very prone to drama so I've labelled her as an unhealthy ISFP enneagram 4.

    The ESTJ was because he reminded me so much of another cousin of mine, who self-labelled himself as an introvert. I sort of cross-applied analysis which failed completely when he said that he viewed himself more as an extravert. I can see how that is true now... My brother is an ESTJ, but he can be rather quiet at times, so that on first impressions I'm likely to think that they are introverts.

    The last one is an ISFP friend, who while she claims that she's an ESFP... I'm starting to suspect more and more that she's likely to be an introvert based on her past. It's just when she hangs around another ESFP friend of mine, she suddenly comes to life and seems really extraverted. But otherwise, when I'm chilling with her one on one... She seems more quiet and everything. From my perspective, it's tempting to claim that her lack of desire like the ESFP to greet random strangers (although she gets on well with most people she interacts with) and previous passive nature in regards to friends (claims people selected her, and was always more open than her) leads me to believe she's an ISFP. In addition to all this, she appears to be an enneagram 9 with integration to enneagram 3ish behaviours?

    Could be totally wrong about the last one. Usually I'm not too far off with my judgement because I tend to collect alot of information before making assessments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    You wrote Principles of Typology? It's in front of me at this very moment. I'm reading it right now. Exceptional book!!! Really, really good. Wow.
    Not really. I mean, he's got some good thoughts going for him, but the writing style is just terrible. And there was no editing done whatsoever. Certain sections which should have been understandable turned out really garbled. The book would have more value if it was properly edited for human intellectual consumption.
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