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View Poll Results: Does your employer use MBTI?

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  • We've taken the assessment, conducted workshops, and/or know what each others Type is

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  • We have the MBTI assessment available to us but it is not of significant focus

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  • My employer doesn't use MBTI nor does anyone talk about it

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  • Other - please explain

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    Default Is MBTI Used Or Prevalent At Your Place Of Work?

    MBTI seems to have had a continual growth in popularity over the years. The point of this poll is to gather information on whether or not employers care about MBTI.

    In addition, feel free to provide any commentary you'd like on why companies are using it to support a more productive work environment.

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    Not at all. In some ways it would be useful if they were aware of it, because there are some conflicts which are obviously misunderstandings between types. They sacked our INTP guru because they didn't get him. On the other hand I've noticed that people working outside their normal areas give very non-standard answers to things. In science this is a strength, or at least in my view.
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    I've never worked with anyone that uses MBTI. I never even mention it to anyone.

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    No, and I don't know anyone else who's heard of it. I gather it's more popular in the US than the UK. I work in a call centre, and I don't know whether they'd have hired me based on my MBTI type, as INFPs are hardly the stereotypical salesperson. I'm lucky that I actually believe in the service we offer people though, otherwise I'd still sound guilty and unconfident over the telephone, and people don't trust you if you sound like that.

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    No, I've never met anyone at work or outside of work who knew about MBTI before I told them, to my knoweldge (except for someone off a forum once).
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    MBTI first came to my attention when I moved to London (I'm Canadian and had also previously lived in Ireland) and was working for an airline (an office job). I was in Customer Relations (yup...people call up and yell at you and you have to be polite and helpful!!)

    I had an awesome manager (Jamaican)...perhaps the best I've ever had. She was caring and took a personal interest in people but also knew when to take a hard line. One day she asked our little department to all take the MBTI test in a quiet moment. It was the online one on Humanmetrics, I think. She was definitely interested in psychology and interpersonal relationships.

    She said if it was ok with us she'd like to keep a copy of our type description on file. I hadn't been that interested in personality tests previously but I remember being astonished at how like me the description sounded, and how it even explained a number of things I'd never really understood about myself. It was only a few years later that I independently started looking more into MBTI, reading up on all the other types, etc.

    I haven't had it come up in any other workplace, but I did first learn about MBTI through work.
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    No. There is nothing like this in the whole country. IQ tests are only used for what they are designed for, to help those at the bottom etc. In school there is only special classes for those with learning disabilities. Miss use of these systems is a big no, and I support that. You got the school system and experience, that's more then enough imo. They do ask question on interviews, so some of these layman personality theories can come in handy to find out what they look for. But I'd be turned off if I sensed that they screened after a system like this, mainly because I dont think it is good enough in it's present form. And it's a form of discrimination that is better avoided in something that affect others lives.

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    I've only met a few people in church settings who have heard of it, no one professionally.

    Pretty much my private reading and here online are the only places where I deal with MBTI.

    My FIL actually was tested at his workplace a number of years ago (he was an engineer)... but I don't think they used it for anything except to smooth out workplace communications.
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    My department does not use it, and nobody talks about it, or has probably even heard of it (very STJ environment; not into this abstract stuff), but the office departments in the organization do use it. One friend of ours worked in the department handling the new Long Island Railroad connection into Grand Central Terminal, and they tested her (ENFJ, from what she remembers). Since BallantineChen works in another office, I'm wondering if they had him take it too. He might have mentioned it, but I forgot.
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    My organization uses it; the more professional departments and all managers take the test. They use it to figure out what type of person you are and how you relate to others in a professional setting.

    My former job offered the class to us as a softskills class. You take it once you begin to manage others.

    In my group I'm seen as the one who really pays attention to it.

    My group consists of 3 ISTJs, 2 ESTJs, 1 ISFJ, 1 ISTP, 1 ENTP, 1 ENFJ and 1 ENFP.

    Unfortunately, the head guy's a textbook ISTJ wierdo. I can deal with him because I understand but his ways can be irritating. Under him is another ISTJ, the ISTP and an ESTJ. So as you can see, our team isn't very balanced.

    We are an internal audit shop, so I can understand all the STx going around.

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