I have found in the last few weeks that it takes a certain kind of sociality to break from the 'Ni feedback loop.' This loop is close to a minor depression and closes me off from a lot; almost like my Fe function is chained down somewhere. It's basically a run-of-the-mill situation where the main function dominates the psyche so that no other function works.

At first I thought it was a normal thing - because I never really knew about how it felt to be out of the loop, I just always was in it. what bugs me about it, though, is the feeling that I'm losing a lot of chances because I am only vaguely connected with the real world. When something from outside finds its way it, it causes a chain reaction in my head that finds all the vague connections with what was said; it doesn't stay on topic, and it alienates people. Where Fe would reign it into the current social situation... There's none of that now. My mind is a pudding on the floor with no real structure to follow.*

The situation is worse when even being 'social' doesn't do anything, all that happens is that I'm an amoeba in the social circle and spit out random connections my Ni makes from the conversation - or out of it. The non sequiturs get very outlandish.

I'm sorry that I don't have any solid examples, but in my current mental state, I do not have any real rote memory of even the things that happened even an hour ago that got me on this train of thought.

Does any other INFJ go through this as often as I do? Is it just a normal introvert reaction to fall off the face of the earth for a while to let the dominant function run its course? Do any other typed-people have an example of this in their own type?

The situation is both fascinating in the information I can get, and annoying because of how socially crippling it is.

*Offtopic: This is a difference between Ti and Ni: Ni has no real solid structure. Ti does.