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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Unfortunately the bored are boring.
    Unfortunately, clichés are even boring.

    And please save swearing for your friends.
    No thanks. Kiss my ass, etc..

    But.. I'm glad you said that. It cuts right to the chase to what you really are -- someone who thinks they hold any kind of authority on people. It leads me to wonder if anything you say about shedding off "narcissism" (by virtue of typology) has merit, because your posts are the most narcissistic I've read on this site yet. Not only do you feel the need to mock and invade a site you have no interest in, you've now taken it to the level where you tell people not to "swear" now. Get real.

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    Victor, could I ask what you hope to gain by denouncing the MBTI? I'm somewhat confused, because all you ever do is repeat the same point over and over that the MBTI suppresses the self. You may be right, but it doesn't seem to be an effective way to turn people off the theory; nearly every post you write is some kind of attack, and all any of it ever does is derail a thread or draw attention to yourself. If what you really want to do is change our minds, you should try something new; for example, you could demonstrate that the MBTI is harmful or that it doesn't work. Meanwhile, you should try to consider how relevant your attacks are to the topic at hand. Randomly attacking the MBTI in a thread about priest scandals doesn't do your position justice; it just looks like spam.
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    Victor, weren't you INFP not too long ago?

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    I thought you said you were here for the cake and gossip, Victor.

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