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    this was recommended to me by a human of the female species. in the assumption that i would like it. well, i didn't really, but i have to admit that, it grew on me a little bit ...



    "Who is afraid of Loneliness?


    "And if it comes?"

    "Then I die by it."

    "And yet ... It was always there, wasn't it?"

    "So I'm only feeling it's last sting.
    And I die .. a little more .. miserably.
    deadly, sure, deadly ... oh my"

    "Man is lonely, in himself.
    Call your Name, free yourself!
    from Loneliness, which suffocates all
    drowning every glance in tears
    all the while whiningly
    envying everything but itself
    Call your Name, free yourself
    Here! Now! Willfully!

    Now, who's afraid of Lonelyness?"

    "no one, no one"

    [Stimme:] Wer hat Angst vor Einsamt ?
    [Ich:] Jemand.
    [Stimme:] Und wenn sie erst kommt ?
    [Ich:] Dann sterbe ich davon.
    [Stimme:] Und war sie doch schon immer da ?
    [Ich:] Dann spür' ich nur den letzten Stich,
    Ich sterbe mehr ... elendiglich ...
    tödlich - sicher ... tödlich ... mich.

    [Stimme:] Mensch ist einsam - ist aus sich,
    ruf Deinen Namen - befreie Dich !
    von Einsamkeit, die alles leidet,
    jeden Blick in Tränen kleidet,
    und dabei allzu weinerlich
    alles bloß nicht sich beneidet.
    Ruf' Deinen Namen, befreie Dich!
    Hier - Jetzt - Willentlich

    Wer hat Angst vor Einsamkeit ?

    [Ich:] Niemand ... Niemand

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    That's good nanook. That's one of the songs of the inner circle of true Fivilness, cause it's damn good .

    And to not leave the Americans in the dark and to present them with the real underground Ursurpator of ultimate Fivilness with a dash of evil-mongering, it's the holy lord himself:


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    Well, will hear the linked videos in this thread, I just heared the first one and it wasn't bad.

    I have some hang for Black and Dark Metal (I don't care that much about the categorization, what exactly counts to what) too. And of course, that band/guy may never be left out , although much, much more music and less scream:

    [YOUTUBE="SnxP4BhNVU8"]Burzum - Det som en gang var (only first part, song is long[/YOUTUBE]

    Some german band too (the old stuff of them is though much better than the new stuff):

    [YOUTUBE="6ZBzQH3AcSg"]Eisregen - ...und über allem weht der Wind so kalt (Pest I)[/YOUTUBE]

    And here some Norwegian again (most good things seem to come from there):

    [YOUTUBE="NtBZfsQuJKE"]Taake - Nattestid Ser Porten Vid Part VII[/YOUTUBE]

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    this thread is awful

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