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    1) do you relate to the description?

    2) would you call it "boredom" (you don't enjoy the idea-generating itself regardless of realization) or "frustration" (you get annoyed by the discrepancy between idea-generating and realizing), or both?
    Most of the time I'm so bored that it feels like I'm dead. Feeling dead is really frustrating. It's also frustrating that whenever I need someone else to help me realize my ideas they always do it the wrong way and that always leaved me unsatisfied. So it's both.

    3) do you have any tricks to combat it?
    I wish I had. It would be fun if I could like clone myself, so if I have an idea and I decide to realize it, I would always have enough people who will do it the right way. Unfortunately that's pretty much impossible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamske View Post
    To me, the ideal situation is switching between the interaction/idea-generating time and the alone/realizing time.
    Ne vs. Ti
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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Puppy View Post
    My entp best friend says that at times she has been so bored she has wanted to commit suicide. I am not exaggerating this or being histronic. She was very serious when she said this. We couldnt really figure it out, except I recall some of the entps here talking about horrific boredom.

    She said with the boredom comes a sense of emptiness. (Search for entp boredom-I think there was a thread about this a couple of months ago)

    Maybe it is some sort of Ti black hole? Shit I cant remember the whole convo-

    Life would suck/be painful, to block this out she would do really crazy Se-like party behavior, then follow up with a feeling of horrific empty boredom. She said the solution in this case was to slow down and face the issues she was running from.

    Maybe it was some sort of weird attempt to dive utterly into crazed NeTi (Se-like) which then leaves you in some sort of weird biochemical withdraw state when the crazed Ne goes away. Like you used all your Ne energy up way too quickly?

    Maybe that's what the folks are talking about rather than simple boredom?

    I dunno what enfps do-I'd have to think about the symmetry for a bit. Normal boredom sound like the entps-we just live in our heads and play there.

    EDIT: I have states of emotional emptiness-where I cant find Fi. not depressed, just empty. but bored sort of it-there is just nothing WORTH doing? I dunno...
    That sounds really bad...
    I can relate to the "state of emptiness" you describe, but to me it has never been this bad. I'm optimistic to a fault, always thinking things will get better.
    I wouldn't call it "Ne used up", it's more like "Ne not getting its input from real outside world and linking back and forth between the same subjects, trying to get interested in them again and failing". The solution -to me- is getting out. This is easier said than done, though... when in an "empty" state, going out seems the thing you want to do the last, because you think you need the time to work on your projects.

    Thinking there is nothing worth doing: yes, indeed. Or, in the same vein, thinking that you will never do something well enough or never even finish something. I'm writing and I think my story will suck like all my previous stories do and I won't finish it because there is still so much to do and I never finish anything... until I realize that (1) I enjoy the writing process. Who cares about the result? and (2) I did finish some stories before, so I can do it and (3) some people like to read them, so they can't be that bad.
    Fi fail? I don't know.

    Quote Originally Posted by nozflubber View Post
    "When we get to realizing, we've already thought so much about the idea that it isn't new and interesting any more."
    This is almost identical word for word to a profile INTP i read somewhere. Sometimes I move on from a subject just because I feel like i've understood it from all the avenues that I wish. After that, it = boredom for me.
    (but also, some people on this board think im ENTP so go figure)
    INTPs and ENTPs aren't that different...
    I would start a project, making sketches our writing down ideas and lose my interest halfway down it. Maybe that's more ENTP? Ti catching up?

    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    Ne vs. Ti
    Indeed! A good dose of (eventually external) Te helps a lot here, too.
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    To me its music that brings ideas. But you know as it is with all good things, if you look for them, you never find them.


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