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I'm getting really confused, if a while ago i was completely sure I was P, then now i think I'm a really small p or x or even j. I'm sure that I was born as a pure P, but as both of my parents are a complete J psychos, I would like to tend to believe that they just made a big influence in me, but the thing is that while i was daily contacting and living together with them I was a P, but as I'm for half an year more or less on my own, my J-ness shows out more and more. :steam:

So basically the thing is that my working style has changed a lot. For important appointments I always leave earlier, I start and try to finish important stuff a while before the deadline, I use lists to remember all the things I have to do, I make plans, I hate when people waste my time because of their disorganized lifestyle. And basically yes, I really give a damn about everything that seems somewhat important to me.

But, I still have this laziness, even though I make plans and time tables, I rarely follow them completely. I love to postpone things a little bit and yeah, some P stuff is still alive in me. I'm not sure what to think. Is it even possible?
All this describes me too; I first tested as J, then thought I was P for a long time because I don't think I'm productive and efficient enough to be J; but I've always been in the middle, and my CF test results (in my sig) suggest I'm just X. And that's ok. You might be X as well, or you might as you say just be evolving. I think people can change type over the years, but it's not really a popular opinion.