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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post's really hard to know what to cut and what to focus on, since EVERYTHING seems important if the writing is to be exactly right...
    Getting rid of Ti doesn't necessarily free you of this. I tend to thoroughly justify the purpose for every word choice and word placement and sentence placement when I write long stuff. When someone requires this shortened or condensed, it's tough to remove or change things because it's all been justified in its proper slots.

    But "Ti writing" does have a different nature...I'm just saying that "perfection" and revision are problems for either T process, in my opinion.
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    I find that writing in poetic styles, metaphors, analogies and other forms that are open for interpretation suit me much better. It's the only method I know in which I can write anything that I can deem finished or ready.

    Ti-Ne prevents me from writing walls of text that actually satisfies me. There's always aspects unwritten, stones uncovered. I can wrap things up, but wouldn't feel like I've written down a proper piece of text. I also can reread and change what I've written down a hundred times and still feel the same about the text then when I wrote it the first time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greed View Post
    oh god i've totally noticed this about Ti

    Not to rag on it too much, but.. you know.

    It often takes a certain amount of simplification and organization to get your point across effectively.

    And that's where Te steps in
    I have been actively helping my 9/9 entp and my best friend entp with this aspect of Ti. People who dont use Ti, especially the Ne flavored variety, get knocked off track after about five sentences of Ti. I told them to summarize every five sentences with a statement that directly links to the Te conclusion. They have, of course, assumed we are all rather stupid, however will do it, as often they are interacting with Te users who decide what will happen next.

    My ENTP friend has an ENFP boss. I will read her emails to make sure they are clear. She does this for my emails to an ENTP executive as well.

    Poki, my ISTP couldnt write well at all. He also did not like to read as he said all of the words would sort of bubble and move around and confuse him. He was literally a genius though.

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    I've had problems with teachers who have wanted me to write a five page paper on a subject that I can encapsulate in one page.

    I wish I could post to a lot more threads on this forum. Especially since I see some that peak my interest and IRL I would welcome a conversation about said topic but when I get down to start typing my response or opinion it is plain exhaustive.

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