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    I typically do not have a problem writing academic papers. I have to remember at points what subject I'm talking about and the rules that go along with writing certain academic papers. I tend to break the rules sometimes, but I've been lucky that most of the teachers that I have had find more merit in the information that I am providing than the structure of the paper. Citing sources is a pain, seeing as a ton of the information that I provide may have just come from random facts that I remembered from random sources, so usually I just cite sources that have things to do with the topic but are long and broad as hinder teachers from thinking that I may not have gotten them from that site/book. Meh
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    I have a particular hatred for academic writing. I can certainly do it, but only because I truly have to.

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    I'm dyslexic so I was slightly screwed to start with.

    I took an extra class in my final year to help me with writting papers. I was getting firsts in the majority of my exams and 2.1s in papers, so I took the class, my issue was mainly around structure... then I just nailed it totally after that .... shame I didn't do it in my second year, I could have put my feet up in m final year.

    If you want to score extra merit, search around the subject and look for new published/new content that is on subject and feed the lecturer.... Also practice visual literacy... say it visually represent it.

    I've spend a lot of my working life moving from super detailed up the communication teirs towards more visual representation... Linda Lohr book on chunking information into bites, using differnt techneque to simplify messages (it's not relevant for academia, but certainly in most other walks of life where the agenda is to communicate and be heard)

    having read through loads of students papers... my god do they waffle... talk about fluffing it out with zero content - used to drive me nuts

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    It's weird. Everyone who reads my writing besides teachers likes it a lot. My mom is a writer, and my little brother is also amazing. But I always seem to get B- as a grade for my papers. Except philosophy.

    I think the trouble with academic writing for me is that I always assume my audience can make a few intuitive leaps along with me. And then my papers are always too short...because I just think the answer is obvious and simple.

    My mind is all about reduction. Once I get the reduced down answer, how could I spend 8 pages talking about it? I find myself stuck between trying to fill up pages and trying not to talk about things that are so obvious the reader should be insulted.

    Meh. My brother (the really good writer) is ENTP, I'm not quite sure about your hypothesis.

    Also, I'm more talking about non-science papers. Science papers I own.

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