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Thread: Ne and Ni

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    I've understood Ni v Ne as deductive v inductive reasoning.

    Ne starts at a point and makes ever expanding connections to perceive as much as needed to satiate Ji. Ni takes relevant but disconnected environmental cues and ties them together to an end point to be applied through Je. Ne adds new information, Ni looks at the information and picks up the 'true' perspective. For lack of a betterterm anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragingkatsuki View Post
    Here's an example of this Ni thought process:

    "Why did that person spit to the side as he walked past me? Does he know me? Did he do it without thinking? Perhaps he spat just because he had something in his mouth and coincidentally I was there when he spat. But then again perhaps not. He could have also done it because he doesn't like the way I look, or dress, or my posture. Hmmm.. Maybe it's a sign. Maybe he's telling me something without being direct. He's wearing a similar scarf therefore he probably despised the idea of me wearing one too. Maybe he wants to see my reaction. He's not looking back so perhaps he expects me to go to him and ask him why he did that. Perhaps there is a person with a camera nearby video taping this. Maybe he is good though. Maybe he is indicating he is sick and wants me to stay away from him. Too noble. He's definitely up to something... "
    I've been thinking along similar lines when someone on a given occurrence spit while passing me, though not at all in such literal detail, more in possible meanings (simply based on the single given perception). I started out giving it a negative connotation, like that. A.o. I thought he might have done it for having no other outlet. I ended up considering positively it might have been a sign of respect.
    So, corresponding to the difference you outline, I guess the difference might just be that Ni keeps wondering (taking in more and more detail), where Ne bends it to a positive (though perhaps far-away) conclusion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cybin View Post
    I've understood Ni v Ne as deductive v inductive reasoning.

    Ne starts at a point and makes ever expanding connections to perceive as much as needed to satiate Ji. Ni takes relevant but disconnected environmental cues and ties them together to an end point to be applied through Je. Ne adds new information, Ni looks at the information and picks up the 'true' perspective. For lack of a betterterm anyway.
    I'd say turn around deductive and inductive...

    Good how this thread associates N with reasoning.
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    I look at Ne as sitting on the higher hill taking in the landscape. While the Ni is down in the dirt bent over using a magnifying glass.

    Or in the boat, Ne scouting the horizon and sky, while the Ni has it's in the water surveying the ocean floor.

    Or most likely. At the mental institution. Ne they screams at day, while Ni they screams at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragingkatsuki View Post
    Ne and Ni are supposedly the most confusing functions people try and make out. There are many false explanations I've seen before so hopefully this thread will make things clear.

    "Why did that person spit to the side as he walked past me?"
    Taking that question, I'm going to Ne all over the place.

    That person spit when they walked by me. Spit is a funny word. I wish I had some gum. What if they could power a boat by having a group pf people spitting on a water mill instead of people with oars? Would the Vikings still have been able to make it across the ocean? If so, my friend's Basset Hound drools enough to power the Enterprise through Warp speed. Life would be so much cooler in space. Why haven't I been to space yet......... Oh look, colourful street lights! Spit is still a funny word. Hehe.

    I'd like to vote to make Ne the "what if" function.
    "Beware Those Who Are ALWAYS READING BOOKS" - Bukowski

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    You want Ne? Here is good example of it.

    [YOUTUBE=""]A je to[/YOUTUBE]

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    so i guess there was a reason that was my favorite cartoon as a kid...hzaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamske View Post
    I beg to differ.
    I think Ne is responsible for greatness as well as nonsense. It's a bit like the monkeys at the typewriter.
    You need a lot of ENTPs and ENFPs messing around and then one will eventually hit greatness.
    Other types will probably be more mediocre... but you need mediocrity. It's safer. I am sure there are a lot of failed geniuses among the Ne users.
    Which of the functions is the most useful depends on what you need.

    As a Ne user, I'm messing around a lot trying to hit the greatness. Luckily, I've got a lot of help (in the guise of an External Te) to keep a steady job in the meantime.
    - - - this guys got it

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    'Cause you can't handle me...

    "A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it. The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it." - David Stevens

    "That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is that it? It is."

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    How is this comparison:
    (I forget where that other thread with images showing connections was).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragingkatsuki View Post

    "I woke up late in the morning therefore I missed the bus to work which could have had a nasty guy spitting on me which could have carried a disease which could have made me sick therefore I am happy I woke up late... but what if because I'm late my boss shouts at me and he has a disease worse than the guy at the bus and makes me even more sick and I suffer more thus making me not go to work for a longer period of time and the boss is so satisfied with my temporary replacement he fires me and I end up with no job causing me to be bankrupt and live on the streets because of the difficulty of finding a job... etc."

    It is more focused on the 'could be'.
    WHAT Ne REALLY IS LIKE (edit: ... to me, at least >_>):

    "Oh look, that person spat to the side as he walked past me. Man, that's disgusting. Hmm. Why am I disgusted? Why do people spit, and why is it considered to be a universally derogatory act? Some cultures perceive different meanings from the same gesture (such as, say, slurping up your food) but spitting seems to be frowned upon everywhere!

    Actually, wait- that's not true... spitting is considered reasonably acceptable in China, after all. (But could that be simply a socio-economic thing rather than a cultural thing? Can you ever really separate the two? I think not...) But spitting on another person, or in response to a person's action- that's definitely derogatory, isn't it? I suppose it's the bodily fluid... it probably goes way back to prehistoric times? It's like a simplified version of taking a piss on someone, an act of contamination, of degradation- reducing the other individual to a receptacle for bodily waste.

    I wonder if some people have a fetish for being spat on? It's fairly consistent with other degrading acts... or is it? Actually, is something still considered degrading if the other party anticipates it? If you genuinely enjoy it... It's kind of like whipping a masochist, isn't it? Can you punish someone by forcing them to do something that would otherwise enjoy doing? Suppose I had a fetish for being spat on, and this poor gentleman spat on me intending to offend me, but instead excited me sexually! That would be rather amusing... I mean, hypothetically speaking, of course.


    It is important to note that Ne isn't nearly as "random" as it seems. It's more of like a rapidly expanding network, or web, or hentai tentacle monster. Where possible, the different bits diverge and reunite, enriched by the process- sort of like Wikipedia!

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