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    I mostly look up to ENTPs and ESTPs. I like how less feeling they are then me and I especially admire the down-to-earthness of ESTPs. Sometimes I wish I was one.
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    I look up to myself. I'm an amazing role model if I dare suggest such.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EnFpFer View Post
    SPs-I like how they're often so present and aware of what's right in front of them. The ones I know are usually content with things as they are, and the extroverted ones rarely hesitate to seize a good opportunity. I admire the "live and let live" attitude, and how they just take things as they come.
    Agreed. The "take things at face value" is a nice skill.

    I usually look up to rl INTJs, too. They seem overly interesting and full of ideas.

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    INTJs = freaking awesome! They take most types in their stride, and don't seem to care that much that they can.

    I love that ENTJs seem to always have more time and explain things so calmly and clearly. I get the feeling some people have met members of this type who they dislike. The good ones are priceless and very difficult to do anything but admire.

    I want the ISPs music and art skills also. They seem to pick stuff up so easily, and find it so natural.
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    Well I look up to my best mate who is an ISTP.
    Mainly for his ability to figure out what needs done and do but then when its done to relax almost on que.
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    ENTJ and especially INTJ, they can get things done and INTJ is quiet. Oh sometimes I want to be the quiet and mysterious one so badly....
    But ENTJ are great at forcing people doing what you need them to do, even if they don't want to do it. I'm totally bad at strictly demanding something from other people. I just don't like to make people feel uncomfortable and sometimes they manipulate with that...
    Oh yeah?

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    I look up to people for reasons completely independent of type.

    A few of the people I consider my role models or inspirations (and have qualities I most want to emulate) are:
    possible ExTP (not sure of her type)
    j'adore les chats

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    I admire ISFJs for how responsible, nurturing, and caring they often are (this probably has a lot to do with that fact that my mom is ISFJ).

    I admire ESFPs for their social ease and for being less inhibited.

    I admire ENFJs for their warmth and charm and ability to connect to so many different people, while still maintaining a very unique identity.

    I admire INTPs for their wacky ideas and individuality.

    I admire ENFPs for being more outspoken and confident - they show the feisty side I have lurking within.

    I admire ISFPs who have a natural talent in creating tangible art.
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    I can't say that I look up to specific types. I do admire certain qualities in others that I lack naturally, though. Sometimes I wish I were more practical, more open with my feelings, more in the moment, more engaged with the world, etc. I could go on. I don't see one type as the embodiment of everything I want to be. I guess I just always wish I was more balanced. Or I want what I don't have.
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    I don't know if this has to do with type (only), but I really admire an

    ENFP - because of her high Ne which means that she comes up with the most fascinating, funny, absurd ideas ALL THE TIME. Her extraversion is quite intriguing, but also becomes annoying after a while, even though I really admire her. I need some time for myself afterwards

    INXJ - a former teacher of mine, I am not sure about the T/F scale....could have been a cynical NF...but he really opened the world of literature to me....

    INTP - because this Ti deals with things in a way I would never even dream of (although I notive my tertiary Ti more often after spending a lot of time with him). And because of his ability to come up with strange ideas. And I guess because of his rational approach . Can become annoying, but is also very helpful to me, especially when I am hysterical

    ESTJ - Even though there are things that really annoy me about him, I really admire my dad for being sooo disciplined and combining this with doing good in his life as a doctor. In a practical sense he seem really idealistic to me in always wanting to help people, take time for every individual even after working in his job for such a long time.

    .....coming to think of it, there may be people of every type that I admire. I guess it has more to do with what you make out of your personality, and not so much with personality itself.....

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