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    People used to think I was mute. That's how little I talked.

    I was probably most extroverted in college. But since then, I have been mostly reclusive.

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    Introverts, were you more outgoing as a child?

    Uh.... No.

    Much more outgoing now

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    My mother told me a story a few years ago about me when I was a kid around 6 or 7 that has stuck with me to the day. She said when we were at the checkout stand at the grocery and she happened to be lacking a penny on the total bill someone from behind (someone she knew) teasingly said she wouldn't give it to her. I responded with such a reaction apparently that my mom remembered the incident. Mom said I was like, wtf?!, your friend won't lend you a penny??! haha call it Aspergers, call it what you will. I call it introversion. Whiteness.

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    Hmmm, I was always a bit dreamy, and sending me to my room wasn't exactly punshiment (a nice rest, really) when I was a bit naughty. I wasn't exactly shy....I dunno. It's hard to say. I remember up until I was eight, I always had a small group of friends. Not so much when I moved to NZ. I was the weird scottish kid. So I withdrew massively. I do remember getting very tired around people...still do. I came out of my shell at Uni, but even then I liked it best when it was just my small circle of friends. Now, I have stages. Some times I need more time by my self then others.
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    I guess that I was outgoing as a todd. I used to be the one approaching others in nursery class and conversing with them and making friends.

    Though it only lasted till I was about three, to cut the long story short.. It was more of some psychological trauma; dysfunctional family. From then on I hardly ever talked to other kids, or even my folks.

    Gee... sometimes ignorance IS bliss.

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