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    Here is another misconception that seems to have been doing the rounds lately. Te isn't an opinion forming function - it doesn't use externalised parameters to decide the truth of something. Te is an action determining function. It's "opinions" tend to be limited to what needs to be done, how it should be done, and what the end results will be.

    Ask a strong Te user for an opinion on something they consider to be of little relevance, and you likely to get a disinterested grunt (you would from me, that's for sure). A TJs opinions will most likely be formed via Fi instead. An ITJ will usually form such opinions rather slower than other types, while an ETJ will probably have a few very strong opinions on certain topics, and nothing else where.

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    Here's a really annoying misconception that I'd like to see debunked once and for all:

    The people who invented Socionics made up their own function definitions, and they have nothing to do with Jung's.

    So stop whining about how every non-Socionics idea is deeply flawed and completely wrong. If you want to make up your own function definitions, be my guest, but use some different terms for them so we know wtf you're talking about. Every other typology system on the planet preserves Jung's function definitions instead of making up new ones, and when we discuss functions on this forum, we're almost always using Jung's definitions--NOT the rearranged Socionics ones.

    Socionics advocates are so pretentious and yet so oblivious.
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    I used to think that way, but after all the Jack Flak discussions, plus the rest of the stuff I was learning about the functions (such as seeing the "attitude" or "orientations" separately from the four functions), I saw that it is a cloudy matter of interpretation of Jung, So I could see why Socionics would yield different conclusions with the same codes.

    But it's true that it would have been good for them to use a different code system. They actually do; the little shapes, but someone then translated it into the MBTI letters.
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