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    How exactly do you experience being drained by people and socializing ?
    Sapped and Taxing.

    How often don't you feel drained around people?
    Often not around familiar people. When I am drained I stand in a confused daze, parties are like that, looking for a place to sit.

    In what surroundings do you lose the smallest amount of energy?
    When the crow is in proportion to the amount of energy I have and that would be max 4-5 people. After that energy goes quickest.

    Describe your normal conversation stile?
    My eyes tell a story. When I am comfortable and the recipient isn't bored I yak on till the cows come home. As soon as I see boredom and lack of attention I stop which is often.

    How much alone time do you need during a average day?
    Recovery does depend on stress levels, since I am stressed most days its hard to say. The daydream is certainly something that is required as a recharging faculty, the contemplative rumination into the speculative unknown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    How exactly do you experiance being drained my people and socializing ?
    How often you don't feel drained around people ?
    In what suroundings you lose the smallest amount of energy ?
    Describe your normal conversation stile ?
    How much alone time do you need during a average day ?
    There is two kinds of socializing.
    S and E.
    It is not the same thing.

    S is about curriculum < control.
    E is about balance in cortical activity.

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