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I an ENFP.

Tertiary Te can get the best of me at times. When used quickly it can result in a temper tantrum or a defensive response. It also makes me think mean things sometimes when I get pissed. I have always known to dismiss the mean stuff, but it took some maturity to recognize the Te backlash pattern.

Long term Te can be really useful, but in ENFPs, it can be sort of odd and leave us isolated. We stand up, fight for a cause, point out a flaw and get decapitated in a highly Fe enviornment. Also people think we are bitchy as one minute we are nice, sweet kittens and then next we can be entj-like tigers. We dont hide what we feel, thus the change is apparent. Older ENFPs loose the sweet kitten feel-still there but seemingly hidden.

Last it leaves us with a sense of responsibility, accountibility, and very high standards which we judge ourselves against. Most ENFPs I meet often feel a sense of lingering guilt and question our own competency due to those Te standards.
I relate to every word of this. People think I can be so loving and even too sensitive and emo, but my own sisters will say "have marmalade go yell at them for you" if someone is being bullied or pushed around, and my mother tells people "marmalade doesn't take any shit!" I think I do definitely come off as unpleasantly TJ at times:steam:, and at others am practically a ball of fluff.