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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew_Z View Post
    And the other half of my post?
    Sounds like Ti+Ne
    4w5, Fi>Ne>Ti>Si>Ni>Fe>Te>Se, sp > so > sx

    appreciates being appreciated, conflicted over conflicts, afraid of being afraid, bad at being bad, predictably unpredictable, consistently inconsistent, remarkably unremarkable...

    I may not agree with what you are feeling, but I will defend to death your right to have a good cry over it

    The whole problem with the world is that fools & fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. ~ Bertrand Russell

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    From the perspective of an INTJ:

    Introverted intuition: Always being aware of multiple interpretations of everything, and accepting that they may all be simultaneously literally true. Always having the answer come to you, either straight away or, sometimes, months after you asked yourself the question.

    Extraverted thinking: Automatic way of doing anything. Upon acceptance of a task, it is broken down and structured in an internal model, and then executed according to that model. Constantly looking at better ways things could be structured. Always, always planning ahead - for everything.

    Introverted feeling: Having an extremely strong sense of right and wrong, despite the fact that your brain tells you there's no such thing. Empathising with animals in documentaries and statistics in the news. Contemplating what really matters in life. Actually really being quite sensitive, regardless of how you may appear on the outside.

    Extroverted sensing: Scenes you encounter strike you suddenly as mesmerising, totally absorbing, and as all of reality. (Fi values this). (Ni accepts the possibility that the experience is in fact all of reality). Being absorbed in music.

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    I got on a roll examining my own inferior functions and how they express themselves in me....

    Introverted Feeling: An internal sense of what is right and wrong and what makes sense, particularly from what I call a "human standpoint", dealing with emotions & morals and how they work and trying to harmonize the inconsistencies through evaluation. Things tend to resonate with me as truth immediately, and further reflection and analyzing sort of fits it into already existing beliefs, or susses out why it resonates as truth. Sometimes there is conflict with new info, and resolving it can distress me, as can resolving a strong emotionally-driven desire with my values. Most everything is personal in some sense....I have to relate it to myself to understand it on a level where I can decide if it is right or wrong. That relating and evaluating is not done in such a linear manner though. As mentioned, often I start with the feeling and work through the "why" afterwards.

    There is also a welling up of feeling - not emotion, but just a feeling that says "this is me, or what I believe, or an idea I feel is worthwhile" and it can be felt in a mood, an image, a melody, a phrase, etc. And I will feel immediately "this is how it must be expressed" when I come across a way to reflect that feeling externally.

    Extroverted Intuition: Seeing patterns between seemingly unrelated things, applying the pattern in what seems to be unusual ways, considering many future possibilities. It jumps from A to C and then back to B and then to X and has a lot of fun along the way, discovering new ideas & formulating theories. It's a lot of "what if" and Fi tends to weed out what doesn't resonate as good to me. I feel like Ne aids in creating the idealist aspect in myself. My feelings are made universal in the sense that the Fi ideas now go beyond me, a mere individual - it's looking at the Fi vision on a global scale and creating a metaphor for the feeling to have larger application, so it's no longer just about me. I feel like Ne is a door that swings both ways - things go out through it, and come in through it.

    Introverted Sensing: At best, it grounds FiNe....recognizes what has worked in the past so that my Ne tangents don't become totally ridiculous and counter-productive and my Fi feelings are not completely disconnected from reality. At worst, it blinds my Ne and sucks Fi into a withdrawn, negative state: nothing can improve - it will always be as it was, and the past proves it. That's the Fi Si loop for me. My Si also shows up in trivial ways - "This is not the same cheese they used in this dish last time!" and, "Wait - something is different in my room...who dares to touch my things?!". I'll remember random details very well, but it's inconsistent. Many things are remembered vividly as feeling-vibes as opposed to facts (Fi taking the reigns with the value determining the memory), which tends to make me a remembering the "gist" kind of person. Sometimes I have a hard time supporting a feeling with past details because of that. The details are lost, but the gist and feeling in the moment are what I remember.

    I can have a nostalgic fascination with the past, but it also filters through FiNe which makes it more imaginative, and I can be less interested in what really happened than romanticizing it into some story as a backdrop for Fi ideas or to even figure out what a feeling means. The past is also just a springboard for my Ne to work from (it was done this way already - so what can I do that is different & fresh?). Sinking into what is familiar is also a huge comfort when I am stressed. It's like my baby blanket. It made me happy in the past, and I really need to feel good right now. I can't risk my usual experimenting - I need to go with something sure.

    Extroverted Thinking: At worst, this comes out when I am stressed, and I can get a bit terse. At work, it's hard to use my Ne-aux and not an airhead . So Te is pulled out, and it can unintentionally seem brusque when I wield it. I'm like, "Let's get down to business; none of this personal talk. I'm all about efficiency!". When something is important, maximizing efficiency, striving for every detail to be just so, and keeping things organized can get blown out of proportion. It soothes me for things to run smoothly, which is why I think I seek order when stressed. Normally I don't like too much structure, but at a certain point you need to be saved from spiraling into a black hole of chaos.

    Paired with Fi, it can make me stubborn and know-it-ally, insistent on what is proven externally (probably because it supports a value). I can be like, "Aha! I knew it! Let the facts speak - I am right!". I also distrust my Te, and can be paranoid about double-checking what is real. I am afraid my imagination has run away with me a little too much, and I need external evidence before venturing to express my idea.

    My Te also comes out in very frivolous ways, but inconsistently: my shoes are neatly organized, but my clothes litter the floor; I have organized my post into bullet points, but many of the points go off on a tangent; my computer must be neatly organized in color coded folders, but my office has books and papers scattered about, etc.

    Then I have a critical Te side when it comes to measuring things by external, objective criteria. Little stuff like things looking uneven or not matching when they should, etc. Being a designer, a lot of this has to do with aesthetics, or other things I value. I'm sure some of this is idealist perfectionism, but the criteria I use on occasion seems to be inferior Te. Again, it's inconsistent, and it's at its worst when applied to myself or my own work. There's a little Te demon sitting on my shoulder, whispering into my ear, "This needs to be moved 1/8" to the left or it's not perfect & it will mean you suck." I'm much, much, much more forgiving with other people.
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    Introverted Thinking: Categorizing and sub-categorizing? I do it, but it is not my favorite thing to do and feels onerous. I hate jigsaw puzzles.

    Extraverted Intuition:Witty? I don't think I do that. I appreciate others who can though.

    Introverted Sensing: This doesn't resonate much either. Maybe after a massage or a few glasses of wine possibly.

    Extraverted Feeling:Connections and emotional ties? That is something that I do with a small number of people over time. I am more of a "depth" of relationship guy vs "breadth" though I force myself to do "breadth" when required.

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