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You are really trying hard here. You've already gotten your answer. Nobody is "scared" by the possibility that MBTI is unscientific or unverifiable; we're all well aware that it's both of these things.

Once again, personality type can't be tested. Typology is a bunch of arbitrary categorizations of behavioral tendencies and that's all. As I always say, I can't prove that I'm an ENTP any more than I can "prove" that Led Zeppelin was a rock band. It's just a made up label for categorization purposes.
Damn you Ti users!

Te doesn't function unless things in the world are what truth says they are. You Ti users can wander off happily in solipsisms, but I damn can't! If I admit the world out there is no more real than any other, my sense of truth halts.

How about this: intuition works best only on other intuitions, for tying it to the world is to so severely limit its function that most insights disappear.

And in summary, I can to prove Led Zeppelin was a rock band, I shall do so by screaming and crying and rolling on the floor. You will be convinced.