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    Quote Originally Posted by Sytpg View Post
    I met quite a few INTPs (and a slew of ISTJs and other ITs im sure) in computer engineering/science whose priorities you seem to share. I understand the appeal of mass 3rd party developer support, but I must say I'm a fan of the work of Mac-only 3rd party developers. Apart from a couple of killer apps nothing would turn me away from their often superiorly designed software.
    Oh definitely. Actually my post does seem a bit counterintuitive in that I'm calling the company with the largest amount mobile applications one that hinders 3rd party support, but it's more the whole process behind allowing apps and their certification process that bothers me. To their credit though, they have absolutely perfected and are complete masters of the technology to user interface. They are superb software designers.

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    no but I think certain type of brands and products appeal to some categories more...

    Attention seeking things, I'd say were more E type, rather than specific tyes

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    I'm an INFP Mac user

    I'm a graphic designer though, and we tend to use Macs (pretty much almost industry standard - it's unusual to see an art department with mostly PCs). I like them because I find them simpler/easier to use, they have cleaner looking OS and general design, and for what I need, I'd spend as much building a comparable PC anyway. Most of my friends/family have PCs and they are always having so many problems & have gone through several computers while I've had the same macbook pro laptop. I never have any problems with my Mac.

    As for brand loyalty, I suppose because I use a mac it just made sense for me to go with an apple ipod over some other mp3 player. I'm not really a "brand" person; I just buy what fits my needs and taste.
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    I hate to give into emerging stereotypes, but another Mac-using INFP. I'm a programmer, so is a little more of an uphill battle than it would be for a graphic designer. Still, I always liked Unix, so Mac OS X combined a nice, consistent UI with BSD APIs... how could I not like? I do find it a little amusing that Macs are catching on with my programming coworkers, too.

    I agree that the iPhone is unnecessarily restrictive and I hope they make their approval process more consistent. I also hope that in the version 4 of the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK they allow some minimal kind of background processing. Even support for lightweight, faceless daemons that responded to OS controlled callbacks would be a HUGE improvement.

    Can't say I have tons of other brand loyalties.

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    Unix, like the hacker culture that obsesses over it, is very NT and quite possibly *NTP.
    Quote Originally Posted by SilkRoad View Post
    A bit off topic, but I think the way Apple (a giant corporation) has duped people into thinking they're so much more free-spirited, cool and counter-culture than Microsoft (another giant corporation) etc is extremely ingenious, totally bogus, and rather evil.
    Agreed. Whichever subculture Apple may have appealed to in the past its become so thoroughly mainstream as of late that its almost become irrelevant.
    Surgeons replace one of your neurons with a microchip that duplicates its input-output functions. You feel and behave exactly as before. Then they replace a second one, and a third one, and so on, until more and more of your brain becomes silicon. Since each microchip does exactly what the neuron did, your behavior and memory never change. Do you even notice the difference? Does it feel like dying? Is some other conscious entity moving in with you?
    -Steven Pinker on the Ship of Theseus Paradox

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    Uh, I am INFP and I have a Macbook Pro and an Ipod Touch too, so another Apple INFP However only since a few months, I bought it for university. In fact before I was quite skeptical about Apple, because I did not trust it is really worth the high money (i.e. you pay mostly for the name). However, when I looked at the criterias I made up for a Notebook I came to a versus between Macbook Pro and Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad and well, somehow I found the Macbook Pro more appealing :P The Ipod Touch I just took because it did not cost me much (I think it was at end around 35 Euro) because of a rebate action when you buy both together.

    However, actually I am not yet very enthusiastic about the Mac OS itself so far (though I did not have not found the time yet to explore it really) and for the most time I still hang around at my self-build desktop PC

    (I study Business Informatics)

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