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    While any type can be a bully and any type can be bullied, I'd like to argue that NTs and SJs are the most likely candidates for both sides, as they are more stubborn and less willing to compromise. Not to phrase it in a way that suggests bullying victims cause their own bullying, but NTs and SJs are more likely to enter a place that is teeming with bullies out of spite. A thought phrase that comes to mind is YMS's review of Cool Cat Saves the Kids, where he deadpans the line "Why would you go to a place called Bully's Diner if you didn't want to get bullied?"
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    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard

    Music provides one of the clearest examples of a much deeper relation between mathematics and human experience.

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    When an ENFJ goes into bully mode. It's as evil as evil can get.

    ESFJ bullies can be just as awful.

    Basically, Fe gone wrong is gut turning, and is the type of villain everyone loathes more than any other.
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    I hate to admit it, but I was a bully when I was a kid. Mostly to kids who were more likely to get bullied than me so that I didn't get bullied as much.

    I had a group of friends who were pretty mean to the tail end of our group, he was probably ISFx. It was almost like a hierarchy. I didn't want to be at the bottom so I messed with ISFx as well. One day he finally stood up to us and I realized I was only thinking about myself and not how he felt. Probably never would have realized.

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    An NFJ told their story of bullying someone with a group so they could feel like they were a member of the group. Honestly, I just shake my head at crazy shit like that.

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    I honestly think its worse than being a standard bullying. You have the opportunity to help or standup for whoever (in my case the ISFx), but you just go right along with it. That's why the ISFx was angriest with me instead of his primary bullies.

    I'm not surprised by that behavior though. In my case, I had been severely bullied before and was terrified of it happening again. You would think that would make me more sympathetic but it just made me want to preserve myself. I still feel bad about it and thankfully I've learned better. We were quite young so I don't know what he's up to.
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    most likely to bully - ESTx
    most likely to be bullied - INxx

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    Based on my observations:

    1. ESTP (especially immature/young ones. A lot of ESTPs are the typical insensitive dickwads. Ironically, mature ESTPs are my favorite type of people.)
    2. ENTP (I think I've met more ENTP trolls and cyberbullies than all the other types put together)
    3. ESFJ (immature Fe. "You're different from us so we don't like you.")
    4. ISTP (From my experiences, ISTPs just don't give a shit. If something is entertaining or useful to them, it doesn't matter how it makes others feel.)
    5. ENFP (For intuitive Fi users, ENFPs have a surprising tendency to gang up on people.)
    6. INFP (I have met quite a few mean INFPs. They're not all fluffy rainbow kittens.)
    7. ESTJ (I'm sure this type would be higher on the list if I knew more of them.)
    8. ENFJ (Can be manipulative and very emotionally hurtful.)
    9. INTJ (When you make an INTJ mad, it gets intense.)
    10. ISTJ (They're usually fine, unless you don't do what they say.)
    11. ENTJ (Most of them seem too preoccupied to bully anyone, but some get way too personal in debates.)
    12. ESFP (ESFPs are sweethearts unless they misinterpret something you say. Which is pretty likely to happen.)
    13. ISFJ (Meh, they're usually really nice, but some fall into the unhealthy Fe category.)
    14. INTP (Very rarely have I met INTP bullies. But it has still happened.)
    15. ISFP (The ISFPs I know aren't especially nice or especially mean. They just sort of do their own thing.)
    16. INFJ (The nicest people ever.)

    1. INFP
    2. INTP
    3-14: I have no idea
    15: ESFJ
    16: ESTP
    Previous username: EliaBlack

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    People most likely to bully are those who have the following environmental processes:
    1. Someone dominates them, bullies them, and makes them feel powerless. This is often a parent or older sibling who is harsh and demeaning.
    2. They have access to a person or animal more vulnerable than they are, and so they reenact the bullying behavior on their younger sibling, pet, classmates to regain a sense of power.
    3. As a result the person becomes addicted to that momentary sense of empowerment that comes from dominating and hurting someone else. Their own internal framework is locked into feeling powerless, and so the bullying is a temporary fix which must be repeated.
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    I think in some cases a 'bully' is the perception of the person being 'bullied.' That's not to say authentic bullies don't exist because they do (I dealt with some in grade school) but I've been called out for 'bullying' which baffled me because it wasn't my intent. I've never physically bullied anyone and always had an attitude that agrees with not initiating violence. However, in conversation, some people have felt that I've bullied them into certain arguments when that wasn't my intent at all.

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