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    mbti types:
    - ESTP
    - ESTJ
    - ENTJ
    - ESFP
    - ISTP
    - unhealthy ENFJ

    - counter phobic 6
    - 3w2
    - unhealthy 2s

    *I don't think 8s are very likely to be bullies. 8s can have violent and abusive tendencies, but they don't tend to manefest themselves in the form of bullying
    1) they're likely to view bullying as weak and pathetic (and they're right)
    2) picking on someone weaker than them holds no value for an 8, if they did try to bully someone, it would likely be someone stronger than them
    3) 8s are too busy conquering things. they usually don't even think of people if they don't have a reason to
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    I was bullied a bit during elementary school and junior high, but I tended not to let it bother me too much. A few of the girls I hung out in elementary school were victims, though, and I did my best to stick up for them. (As it turned out, one of them ended up bullying another girl, so I found another group to hang out with a.s.a.p.) After that, I stuck up for kids when I could, but I didn't go out of my way to do it.

    Other than that, I didn't have much experience with bullies. I hardly witnessed any bullying in high school (physical or emotional).

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    With my terrible experiences, all of my bullies (and I get bullied/physically abused a lot...) have been either STs and one was surprisingly an ESFP. She didn't like my art on another website so she harrassed me. IDEK. The STs...well my dad is an ESTJ (I'm an INFP btw) and he is very verbally abusive and sometimes physically it's hard. but it is what is is. I can't wait to gtfo of here though.

    The victims seem to be almost all Ns and a couple Ss. Even my INTJ friend is harassed a lot and once even got emotional from it, and he rarely doesn't give a crap what people do or think.
    Those who pursue truth must not be arrogant. Just because it can't be proven scientifically, you must not laugh at miracles. You must not deny your eyes the beauty of this world.

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    I think its less to do with MBTI than other typologies, like those worked out by Fromm in his book Man For Himself, there are exploitative, marketing, receptive, personality types, which can then become combined with authoritarian social character or biophilious or necrophilious social character.

    So the exploitative/marketing/receptive-authoritarian-necrophilious type would be bullying type, although the bullying would be patterned accordingly, ie the behaviours involved could be aggressive or passive-aggressive, the victim type Fromm described as the productive or healthy personality type, ironically the unhealthy types dont like the healthy type because it reminds them of what they cant manage to be themselves, either because of the demands of others or circumstances or because of internalised demands.

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    I like to annoy INTJs. They never pop

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    I was bullied big time. I couldn't even begin to guess the types of everyone who harassed me, except they were mostly extroverts.

    AFAIK, I've never bullied anyone. It's despicable behavior to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Craft View Post
    Pffft, if everyone can be a bully then has anyone seen an INFP bully? Absolutely ridiculous.
    Typical post on this thread: "Everyone can be a bully, by the way, I'am an INFP and I was bullied."

    Most likely to bully: ES
    Most likely to be bullied: IN

    IS and EN are a bit in between, as an ISTP I experimented theses two types of situations personally. I bullied and was bullied. The "bullying-bullied" thing was only on the 5 years old-12 years old period, I had'nt issues on this at all when I was older.
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    E=60% S=55% T=70% P=80%

    "I don't believe in guilt, I only believe in living on impulses"

    "Stereotypes about personality and gender turn out to be fairly accurate: ... On the binary Myers-Briggs measure, the thinking-feeling breakdown is about 30/70 for women versus 60/40 for men." ~ Bryan Caplan

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    Quote Originally Posted by tawanda View Post
    Haha I was the ENTP female who kicked the asses out of other bullies. XD
    Although, from that point on, I became the victim, because people wanted to bring me down I guess. I didn't really understand people around me until pretty much last year or the year before, so I was very socially awkward and didn't understand why people would treat me badly when I did nothing to them, which made me feel bad and become the victim eventually, but I never really stopped standing up for people being bullied on by others. That's how I got detention so much tehehe
    Wait, you say youre type is ESTP, but you said you are ENTP on this.

    Honestly? I got into fights and bullied the bullys. I fought everybody, I was a bully, but never to the good guys, always to the dipshits, "dipshits" being anybody that abused anybody that was verbally or physically weaker than them at that time. Just because Im not a feeler doesnt mean I don't have some emotion when I see something I can fight against. The real enemies that I would fight without ever giving up was those kids and parents and whoever said "No" or "You cant do that because [blank]". Not about stuff like "dont do drugs" but moreso about dumb stuff like telling me and a few people "You cant play soccer with us because we already started", I actually uhm, that happened a few weeks ago. This dude told late-comers to a pick up soccer gane that they, er, we couldnt play because there were already too many people playing (????!!!!) I toasted that dude, walked right up to him LBJ style. Pretty proud of it still. Trying to sideline us, he can go--himself.
    So, I acted as if I were the "victim" of rules/authorities like teachers/kids/society, but woukd stick up for bullies and victims if I felt like it, and would bully when I someone "deserved" it.

    Thats why I do not ink ENTPs are bullies. We dont judge much, which I find the main factor in bullying (but thats from an ENTP)

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    Quote Originally Posted by spleen View Post
    Wait, you say youre type is ESTP, but you said you are ENTP on this.
    I was when I was younger. People change as they get older.

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    Speaking as both an ENTP, and a bully as a kid, it was more because of boredom than anything. I'd get really bored, I'd see a target, and I'd have fun getting a rise out of them. Kinda sociopathic, I know, but it's the truth.

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