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    Answer a few questions. And I'll come up with something.

    Imagine an imaginary house. YOUR imaginary house!

    My imaginary house is a little stone house!

    Now, describe how many floors are in it. How many rooms, and each room.
    Two floors: First floor: living room with piano, eat-in kitchen, also a pantry. Small bathroom.
    Second floor: two bedrooms, a craft room with a great view for making paintings, one bathroom.

    Also how many people live there.
    me, my husband (alas, he too is imaginary), two cats and two dogs.

    And the yard, if there is one, fence [or lack there of], and other things.
    yard... front and back... flower garden in front with sculptures and also bird feeders... stone walkway to the street... driveway and parking for a car and for bicycles... back yard is fenced for the benefit of the dogs... vegetable garden in back... go through a gate in the back and there is a creek, wide enough for canoeing and kayaking... next to the creek is a bicycle and walking path, which leads into town... everything is accessible without an automobile but parking is available in front for imaginary husband's car and for visiting cars...

    Then I'll return and make an interpretation.
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    A smaller-size log house in the woods, not very thick woods, there must be plenty of natural light; near a lake; no visible/audible neighbours for at least 1 mile radius but still close enough to a bigger city with all the necessary amenities. Partial view on the lake; small garden area and an orchard for fruits and veggies; cozy porch. Fence surrounding the house solely as a barrier to keep the wild animals outside and the pets inside, not a high wall to keep the outside world from penetrating the inner calm world. Enough space for everybody to feel comfortable; not overly spacious, plenty of natural light, warm and cozy. A home.

    1,5 floors.

    Ground floor: 3 rooms/1 bathroom.

    Kitchen/Living room area joined together but with the possibility of making both separate. Fireplace is a must. A library/study. Bathroom/Sauna.

    Top floor: 2 bedrooms, bathroom, wardrobe, balcony.

    3 people living in the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chimerical View Post
    Answer a few questions. And I'll come up with something.

    Imagine an imaginary house. YOUR imaginary house!

    Now, describe how many floors are in it. How many rooms, and each room.

    Also how many people live there.

    And the yard, if there is one, fence [or lack there of], and other things.

    Then I'll return and make an interpretation.

    It has a larger infinity of floors. With stairways that treat physics as cotton in a candy store.

    Every room eminate different memories that I've experienced in my life, harboring furniture accordingly to each memory; everchanging rooms, that lasts for as long as I have entered the room. When I am outside the room, the doorway just shows a constant flux of colours.

    Every room also have at least enough space for five people (each person should have at least 3 square meters of space. Although, they may move within eachothers spaces, if allowed by eachother)

    I live there. I can't decide for others but everyone's invited. I have enough space or I don't have enough space, it doesn't really matter as it is infinite and humans in this world are finite.

    Actually, with the rule of the rooms having atleast 15(mxm) x infinite = a finite infinite, right? (I'm probably incorrect to the dozen, but I kind of searched infinites just a while ago and I can't let go of the thinking)

    I forgot what I was thinking about..... but the yard wouldn't xist. It's enough with a house.

    Oh, and I tend to be very introverted, so read: people are allowed but I'll probably be on other floors. And inside, I got a machine that allows me to transcend into other dimensions. So I can be everywhere and nowhere in my house at all times. Just for the fun of it.. and I can observe everything.. Woo. Damn. That'd be such a nice house.

    (I gotta go, was supposed to watch something with my roomie)
    Open for interpretation.
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    Woah. I just started writing and it ended up being more detailed than I thought it would.

    The House

    Building style: Second Empire Victorian

    4 floors: basement/cellar, 1-2 floor living areas, finished attic (with gable windows).

    a. The basement/cellar would be semi-finished, with stone walls and floors.

    It would have a laundry room w/ chute, a large pantry, small wine cellar, a room for pickling, drying and preserving vegetables/fruit/herbs (including a wood burning stove, water bath canner, etc.), a small and spare powder room.

    All the lighting should be as discreet and natural as possible - no spot or track lighting. There would probably be many candles.

    Little things would make it cozy: decorative Victorian ironware, braided rugs, display racks for quilts, etc. It should have at least one very comfy chair with a very thick wool blanket to curl up in after canning, etc.

    b. The first floor would have seven rooms - one full bath with a clawfoot tub, a restored wash basin (with turned wooden legs) with a sink mounted into it, and a commode with a false pull chain tank; one large dining room with a substantial antique sideboard + fireplace; one living room with plenty of seating + fireplace; one library/study with extensive built-in bookcases and a comfortable, well-dressed window seat; one kitchen with a large fireplace, farm sink, a restored and reconstructed early 20th century stove, a paneled refrigerator, large wall-mounted spice rack, multiple surfaces and storage pieces for an eclectic look, and a large round table with plenty of seating; one wrought iron conservatory with a lovely view and a television/sound system tucked away in a freestanding cupboard; one ground floor guest bedroom with two twin canopied beds for disabled family and friends.

    c. The second floor should have 1 master suite with a fireplace; 2 large guest bedrooms with 2 double beds and 1 fireplace each; 1 guest bath in a similar style to the one on the first floor. Each bedroom should be unique, well appointed and cozy.

    d. The finished attic would be a sewing room and a place to store and display any remaining collections and knick-knacks I had. It would have to include storage and display racks for fabrics and quilts, as well as my grandmother's spinning wheel, loom and thimble collection. It would have one small powder room.

    The ceilings would be 12 feet high.

    Furniture and materials should be from the mid Victorian to Edwardian period or at least complementary to them.

    The bathrooms, conservatory and kitchen should have high beadboard wainscoting, brick floors and delft accent tiles. All fixtures should have a copper/brass finish.

    All other rooms should have teak hardwood floors, crown and base moldings, chair rails, etc.

    Lighting and light switches should be discrete and the light switch plaques might be salvaged and restored finds.

    The People

    I think I would live alone honestly. Probably with a large dog and a small dog for companionship and a couple of outdoor cats to chase rodents away from the gardens.

    However, I would want guests staying over all the time. All of the beds would be to accomodate as many as possible, especially around the holidays. I would want to play hostess a lot. Since my family and friends are scattered and distant, I would love to have my house be a hub for reunions and a safe haven for those who are down on their luck.

    I would probably have a SO living close by, but I wouldn't mind seeing him or her 3-4 times a week for a few hours at a time on a permanent basis. He or she wouldn't need to stay in the house for more than a few days at a time at most.

    The Yard

    The immediate front and back would have cobblestone courtyards and paths. The vegetation would be lush, overgrown and diverse. The flowers and blossoms would all bloom white or near white: apple trees, almond trees, magnolias, gardenias, sweet williams, white hydrangeas, etc. Nothing would be too neat or symmetrical, and there would be little secluded nooks with garden benches here and there. Mature willow trees would provide additional 'hiding' spots.

    The broader surrounding area would be a dense forest with a creek running through it.

    In the far back would be a large gardening and tool shed with a working sink and two potting benches as well as a vegetable garden, herb garden, orchard and a fence supporting wild blackberry bushes. These gardens would be located centrally enough to the shed to avoid a hassle, but would also be spread out and irregularly arranged. There would be a full and automatic irrigation system.

    No fence: it's too remote to warrant one.
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    The house is shaped like a hexagon. It is large and wide.

    The house has 3 floors.

    It is placed in the open fields, but near a major city.

    Lots of people live there. My whole family.

    My yard is the entire field. Consider it a 21st century farm. It is self-sufficient and off the grid. There are windmills that power it up, lakes that power it up through hydropower, and thin layers of solar panels throughout the house that integrate it to a fully-powered with more then enough energy-house. There is no fence.

    Inside the house, the theme is futuristic yet timeless with classic art, in the center of this house (that reaches all 3 floors) is an antiqued styled state-of-the-art planetarium.

    The first floor contains the kitchen, garages, living rooms, dining rooms etc.

    The 2nd floor contains the master bedrooms, children's (separate) rooms, guest rooms.

    The 3rd floor contains an observatory and light storage.

    All rooms have open spaces for movement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chimerical View Post
    Answer a few questions. And I'll come up with something.

    Imagine an imaginary house. YOUR imaginary house!
    I don't get it. Is this imagining a house we'd like to have? Or imagining something interesting and new just for the purpose of this game? Or the first idea of a house that pops into our heads, which for me will be like the houses I'm already used to seeing?

    I can't finish my assignment, teacher. :sad:
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