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Anyway, about other types posting styles... I know INFP's tend to have two styles. One is extremely centered on bringing everything into alignment with extremely odd values that don't really make sense to me, and tend to stifle/oversimplify the discussion, sometimes even coming to a conclusion that doesn't even have anything to do with what we were talking about, at least from my perspective.
That sounds like a lot of my personal corrospondance, but I'm not sure if I'm reading the same thing in your words as you may have intended. If I want to talk about somethign and percieve my values on that subject to differ or conflict with normal values, then I put a lot of effort into wording it in such a way that others might see how I reached the value conclusions I have about it. I think I do this a lot more in personal conversations/e-mails than I do on message boards, but I've probably done it a few times or more here too without thinking about it.

Oversimplify? I think I'm much more likely to make things more complex than they need to be than to oversimplify. I suppose I may oversimplfy if I think an answer is blindlingly clear to me and not to others tho.

Coming to a conclusion that seem to have nothing to do witht eh subject at hand? Yup, (Ne at work linking unrelated things together maybe?)

Others are more focused on pointing out aspects of the discussion, and explaining additional ideas that help it along. I much prefer the latter.
I do that too.

I see both of your descriptions in myself, but I think I use the first one more when a topic has personal meaning to me and I strongly suspect that if I just said what I was thinking I would be misunderstood since my values often don't match percieved norms.

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NFs and emoticons... I only use them when I want emphasis... or to indicate a general lightheartedness. The same goes for exclamations, bolding, color etc. They're tools I reserve for use only when necessary. It's clarity for the reader. So when I go I really really mean it!
Aside from ocasional use of and , I very rarely use any of the more expressive emoticons. For a while, I had the odd habit of using IRC style emotes written in text form like "/me looks around in confusion" and /me glowers dubiosly at ____" and so on.

For bolding, italics etc, I prefer to use them for formatting purposes when I think it will make things more readable, or of course for emphesis when needed.