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    Default MBTI and the holidays

    How do you feel about the holidays?
    I know a lot of people hate them, I wonder if there's an association with type.

    Mindless shopping, repetitive music, commercialism, crowds galore sounds like an average INT nightmare.
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    I like the holidays. But I think the only reason why I do is that I've managed to block out all the pointless hoopla that accompanies it. Hating something is such a waste of emotion, so why bother with it. Most of the stress that people associate with the holidays means nothing to me. I'm indifferent towards shopping, I don't do presents, I don't go to crowded shopping centres or when I absolutely have to, I choose a time when they are less crowded. And I carry my own tunes with me all the time, so I don't even notice the music.

    I associate the holidays with warmth, positive emotions and family, so I eagerly await them every year.

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    To say that I am a Grinch or a Scrooge would be inaccurate. I seriously could care less about the holidays. That doesn't mean I am necessarily against it, however, if I was caught up in my insecurities than perhaps I would. Being that I don't care about it, but am in an environment that does care about it and tries to make me care, then it would be this aspect that gets me in a buzz.

    This may be a conformity thing. I am not a conformist, but at the same time I am not a nonconformist. I don't care about conformity, which means that I do not care to go against it. A nonconformist would, and a conformist would if conformity impinged too much into the not-a-conformists individuality.

    Besides, I think that if sentiments to the holidays were type related, then the Rational temperament would probably be against it the most while the Idealist would love it the most. The Guardians would accept it because it is a tradition and the Artisans may just enjoy it because it is fun

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    I like them but think people take them waaaayy too seriously.
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    Preface: This post is coming from a person that doesn't have a religious investment in the holidays. They are strictly a social tradition for me.

    I like the holidays, but I hate the social pretense that states how you absolutely HAVE to get everybody a gift, otherwise it's assumed that you don't "care" about them. That really bothers me. I don't see why following an arbitrary social tradition should automatically imply that you care about somebody and why not following that arbitrary social tradition should automatically imply that you're a complete cold-hearted douche. It's annoying. Some times I can't think of the proper gift to get somebody (regardless of how much I care about said person), and I don't want to just give the same old traditional bullshit that everybody uses as gifts when they can't find the perfect one, so I'd just prefer to refrain from the whole gift exchange with certain people.

    That's not to say that I don't like giving/receiving gifts. I love this. I just hate how it's a mandatory expression of compassion and ridiculous rule of social propriety. It just seems so random and nonsensical.

    I really like the family/friends part though. The holidays bring people together (even if it is for a rather arbitrary social reason) and it's great to just relax with the people that I care about.

    Oh, and the food is great too.

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    I think the holidays are great. No Mr. Grinch here.
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    The holidays can be a painful time for some people, however, I must say that I like to opt out of the all the commercialism and just use it as an excuse for partying and special times with those that I care about... I find it's a great time then... I also like the magical and I just think that this holiday inparticular has a touch of the impossible attached to it
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    I greatly dislike holidays. They are contrived, materialistic, shallow, annoying, etc.
    I've found most INFPs are not fans of holidays. On other forums they all gripe over how "fake" they are.

    Most xSFJs, ESFPs, and ENFJs I know just DIE over holidays. They are so sentimental about that crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinlan View Post
    I like them but think people take them waaaayy too seriously.

    I see holidays as rituals made to keep people coming together. They give a valid excuse for the family to get together and socialize. Holidays are there to try to give life some meaning to people. Too bad I see it like that... lol. They mean nothing to me.
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    I think that the holidays are fun and a good distraction from the fact that it's cold and dark outside. I love to sing and am in three choral groups so that keeps me busy. I like the colors and the decorations. I like to go to church and see lots of people, all of whom seem happy. Of course, I also like the Christmas cookies!
    What can I say? Food, friends, and song. For me, it's all good.
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