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    Default Doing things you enjoy vs what you need to do

    I was just thinking about anger and MBTI. MBTI relates alot to who we are on the outside as to our personality, while that is good and makes sense I noticed that everyone tends to get frustrated/beat down/wore out with things that they do. So would it be safe to judge who we are by what we do in this sense since we seem to get frustrated/beat down/wore out out of exhaustion and if we were truly using our dominant and/or auxilary function we could forgo the exhaustion mentally or physically and keep from getting frustrated/beat down/wore out.

    I know its all a balancing act and we must do what we have to in life, but is it safe to judge who we are strictly by what we do without considering the reasons we do it or the effect it has on us?
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    Try having auxiliary Fe decking it out with tertiary Te... that really confuses me in situations. Sometimes I get all emotional and visionary like the INFJ, then I sense an imbalance and then switch gears to INTJ mode. It can be exhausting.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
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    I agree, poki. I think that if I listened more to my Te, I'd be a lot less stressed/worn out.
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