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    Post Personality Styles:Heart Style, Action Style and Mind Style.

    Found this at personality cafe and would like to share.
    New Personality Self-Portrait

    We've all heard about MBTI, the Enneagram and the big five, but I think now's the time for the NPSP to be introduced.

    What sets the NPSP apart from the rest (For good or bad) is the fact that it was originally written and based on the DSM - IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) by leading personality researchers, John M. Oldham and Lois B. Morris. So, not only do you get a personal profile for your personality, but you also get what type of mental illness your type is most likely to replicate or reveal. Also, you are not just one type in the NPSP. Most people are a combination of two or more types (i.e. I am a combination of Solitary and Idiosyncratic type, leaning more towards Idiosyncratic type.)

    There are fourteen types and they're broken up into the Heart Style, Action Style and Mind Style.

    The Heart Style

    The Heart Style deals mainly with connecting with other people. People in these four groups generally love to either a) help serve their family and/or friends, b) find true love, c) sacrifice their time for loved ones, or d) gain security (emotional or otherwise) by surrounding themselves with people that love them for being them. There is sometimes a misunderstanding that by heart they mean that these types of people are more emotional, ect. when in fact that is not always the case. Those types of technicalities generally has to do with the person.

    There are four types in The Heart Style and they're as followed:

    The Devoted Style

    Tender-hearted and giving, this style is happiest in providing care and nurturing to others. Members of this group are committed to long-term relationships, togetherness and teamwork. They place a high value on attachment, happy in the role of encouraging supporter.

    In describing this style, Oldham and Morris could have had the stereotypical image of an old-fashioned wife and mother in mind. These are the people who take care of their families and homes, always looking after others. However, men are also included in the Devoted Style. It may be somewhat more difficult to identify them, as their way of caring may be more diffused to reflect commitments to a group rather than an individual or family. However, whether male or female, Devoted individuals are remarkable in their ability to promote harmony, their loyalty to the group, their willingness to take direction, their commitment to a team, and their empathy for others. (Read more here)

    The Mercurial Style

    Intensely committed to meeting life head on, this style takes action to make its dreams a reality. They wear their emotions on their sleeves, seeking the highs of passionate romance. This unconstrained style is a risk-taker, imaginative, curious, uninhibited, and engaging.

    One of the signs of this style is a tendency to be moody and difficult to approach at times. The roller-coaster style of high-energy, constant motion, intense reactions, and changing passions can leave companions drained and overwhelmed. It can be difficult for those with this style to maintain a long-term relationship. Instead, their connections can be passionate and wonderful for a while but then transform into conflict and disenchantment. It can take a special commitment to be able to hold on with this style for the long haul. (Read more here)

    The Self-Sacrificing Style

    Accepting and humble, this style is nonjudgmental, ethical, honest, and trustworthy. Its members are often on a mission to give the best of themselves to a worthy cause. They are gentle, if a bit naïve. Diligent and motivated, their goal is to serve. They stay out of the limelight and don't need thanks.

    This style is generous and wants to be helpful. They are gentle and kind to everyone, not just to the people in their families or close associates (as is true of the Devoted Style). Unlike the Mercurial Style, who likes to be rewarded for doing a good job, the Self-Sacrificing Style doesn't need any special mention or recognition. They operate from their own moral compass with an inner certainty about what is the right action to take and the right thing to do. (Read more here)

    The Sensitive Style

    This style is most concerned with emotional security, which is created by staying close to home and family. Its members value privacy and routine while approaching others with a polite reserve. They care about others' opinions of themselves and do not handle criticism or discord well.

    Sensitive types are comfortable and happy when they are in their home territory. They then feel free to focus on their imaginations and on other concerns since they feel secure. They can be easy-going with family and close friends. But when they are outside what they consider to be safe boundaries, their anxiety makes it difficult for them to focus on anything other than their fears. They become uneasy, guarded and worried. Their more public personae shows them to be reserved, cool, and somewhat unemotional. (Read more here)

    The Action Style

    People within these many styles are usually the doers of the world. They define themselves by what they do and how they do it. Some like to face the physical and challenge the usual with the unusual. Then there are the realistic, straightforward kind of people who don't take non-sense well. There are the entertainers of the world in this style and you can be sure they're going out there and are a bit melodramatic, but that's their world. However, there are those that only want to do what's required and spend the rest of their time at rest. The leaders of the world are usually found in one of these types and for good reason too.

    While this is the action style that does not mean that the other types aren't worried about how they act. The Action Style is just the style that deals with people who are most concerned about whatever they do and furthermore they again, define themselves by such.

    And the five styles are as followed:

    The Adventurous Style

    Thrilling to high-risk activities, this style likes to test limits. Its members chose to be in the middle of the action, right NOW. Never prone to worry, these nonconformists have no regrets and are eternal optimists. They are high-energy folks seeking excitement.

    Never content with the easy way, they want to stir things up and meet new challenges. They set goals, whether it is to climb a mountain or complete a marathon, and go after them with gusto. It is not just the physicality of activities that appeals to them; it is also the inherent risks involved. Taking risks makes them feel alive and gives them an adrenaline rush. Jeopardizing life and limb need not bring fame or fortune. It would be nice if the dangers overcome could bring added benefits, but that is not the purpose. Make no mistake: Adventurers take risks because that is what they love to do. (Read more here)

    The Aggressive Style

    Leading the pack, this style is commanding and forceful. Its members enjoy the give and take of sports and competition. Being disciplined, goal-oriented, protective, supportive and responsible, followers flock to this style. A downside is they can at times be hostile and angry.

    There are some aspects of this style that are similar to the Adventurous Style. Both enjoy physical activity and competition. Both have the guts and the physical fortitude to perform well in sports or in the military. But the reasons for participating are different. The Adventurer wants the rush of the contest itself – the game or the challenge is its own reward. For the Aggressive, the purpose is to win and to be in charge. (Read more here)

    The Dramatic Style

    Flamboyant and sensual, this style is the life of the party. Dramatics are adept at portraying feelings in addition to being entertaining and romantic. They are concerned about their appearances, using their looks as a way to be recognized and admired. They are often passionate and effervescent, joys to be around.

    Among the engaging traits of this style is the willingness to try new things and be open to change. This style loves the excitement of new relationships, new roles, new challenges. Dramatics have a gift of transforming even everyday routines into experiences of feeling, humor, and fun. Life is not boring or dull, and all the world's a stage. They have a flair for the emotional. Sometimes this can be expressed in uneven moods, and they can be drawn towards melodrama. They tend to be very trusting of others and often "wear their hearts on their sleeves." (Read more here)

    The Leisurely Style

    This style is easy-going. Its members feel entitled to be themselves. They fulfill obligations, but once completed, they want their own time. An important trait is resistance to others' demands, which can be seen as unreasonable. These folks just want to have fun.

    Leisurelies are comfortable with themselves. They don't feel required to discharge any special missions or do more than take their places in the cosmic dance of the universe. They do not feel burdened about life, and instead feel that they are entitled to pursue their own interests. Their philosophy is that life is about doing what makes you happy – whatever that might be. They will put in the time necessary to fund their lifestyles, but their true focus remains their avocations, whether sports, travel, crafts, or just relaxing with snacks in front of the TV. (Read more here

    The Self-Confident Style

    Charismatic and political, this style believes they have a special gift to lead others. Their self-confidence and ambition make them expect others to treat them like celebrities. They love not just politics but all competition, and they can visualize their dreams coming true.

    The major strength of this style is their unshakable belief in themselves. Even if they fail at achieving a particular goal, they interpret that as a reflection of bad luck and adverse forces in play rather than a reflection on them. This gives them an incredible resilience and ability to bounce back from setbacks that might completely derail other personality types. Self-Confidents can be hard-driving, high-energy dynamos, whose focus can overwhelm the competition. And make no mistake about it – they are willing to put in the time and effort required to reach their goals. Those goals often involve achievement of positions of power and prestige. They have a knack for convincing others to work with them to achieve those ambitions. (Read more here)

    The Mind Style

    Individuals in The Mind Style are concerned most with what's going inside themselves. They're generally geared more towards what's internal, rather than what's external. Some are gifted with the ability to know distinctly what's wrong or right, while others are are just being themselves and by being themselves they're rather eccentric and out there and perfectly happy with it. Still, there are those that live their lives realistically and with great determination. Then there's the few that want to be alone and is very stoic. Finally, there are those that are always thinking about the future and the dangers that might be waiting.

    The five styles are as followed:

    The Conscientious Style

    The crucial feature of daily living for this style is to ensure that the right things are done in the right ways. Often seen as workaholics, its members have a remarkable and careful attention to detail. Their single-minded pursuit of perfection is supported by a persevering and determined outlook.

    A Conscientious staffer is the one destined to win the "employee of the month" award. They are devoted, organized, thorough, competent, and focused. They are adept at rising to a challenge to overcome obstacles to accomplish the seemly impossible. They don't mind putting in long hours to finish the task at hand. Anyone who has managed to accomplish goals that require dedication and hard work probably has some share of the Conscientious Style in his or her makeup, such as a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or other academic specialist. (Read more here)

    The Idiosyncratic Style

    The nerds and mystics of the world, this style includes those whose focus is analytical, abstract, creative, and intellectual. These are the bookworms and visionaries. Its members are independent, self-directed, and rely on their inner world for company. They are sensitive and observant.

    As their name implies, Idiosyncratics are the eccentrics of all the NPSP styles. They are the ones that you aren't quite sure about when you first meet them, since they are unconventional and don't seem to fit into a well-defined pattern, even this one. Like the others in the Mind group, they look inside themselves for their directions. They don't care about what others think, even though they may be well aware of what the conventions are; they only care about what makes sense to them. This means they are not willing to make compromises in order to build and keep relationships, and they often have only a few close friends. They are open to new ideas and creative speculations, from the occult to applications software programming innovations. (Read more here)

    The Serious Style

    Grounded in reality, this style is able to avoid delusion and see the world for what it is. Its members are sober and do not share their feelings. They work hard because life is hard, not because they enjoy it. They are good at evaluating a situation or problem and identifying solutions.

    The strength of this style is the ability to handle difficult situations. Since they expect life to throw them curves, Serious individuals are undeterred by hardships. Through stormy times, they provide a stalwart support for those around them. They are able to see the world clearly and think without self-delusion or denial. They are good at planning and considering alternative options before following through. They capably evaluate situations and people, and they are difficult to fool. Since they are accomplished at planning and thinking ahead, they excel at meeting contingencies and are prepared for what others would consider as surprises. Since they realize how much of life is beyond their control, they make it a point to avoid being a hardship to others. They try to be thoughtful and polite to everyone. (Read more here)

    The Solitary Style

    Aloof and self-contained, this style wants to be alone. Its members are cool, calm, and collected, interacting with others in an often uncanny, even-handed, dispassionate fashion. They are good at concentrating on work, accepting criticism, and not becoming distracted.

    Solitaries are best described as being self-contained. They don't need anyone else for emotional support, entertainment, or companionship. They like to be by themselves, and when they are, they don't suffer pangs of loneliness. They have a narrow intensity of feelings, seeing the world in black and white without the overlay of emotion. Like the Serious Style, Solitaries are clear-eyed observers of their surroundings. They often have an unusual ability to tolerate physical pain, a trait that seems consistent with their general tendency to minimize their feelings. (Read more here)

    The Vigilant Style

    Being prone to cautious independence, this style is comfortable being alone. Its members fight any threat to autonomy, encountering no problems making decisions on their own. They are mostly guarded and reserved, but they can be feisty in some situations. Often they are adept at handling criticism.

    Fighting a tendency toward pessimism, Vigilants are constantly surveying the future to catch the early warning signs of danger ahead. They play these multiple futures in their heads over and over. They are slow to warm to other people, wanting to be sure that others can be trusted before they are willing to let down their guard. Security is an important motivator — you can't be too careful. They make good critics and are excellent at finding the weaknesses in any plan of action. (Read more here)

    Finding Your Type

    While in the original text version of the book there was a questionnaire attached, there is a much easier way to figure out your type(s)/style(s).

    All you have to do is follow this link and then follow the directions on the page. It would be awesome if you would post what you are in a reply as well.


    The only reason I even came upon this was because while doing some research on a few personality types the webpage for PTypes popped up and struck my fancy. It has a lot of information about NPSP and how it correlates to certain MBTI, Enneagram and even Horoscope types and while I don't agree with some of it, I still think it's a nice site to visit if any of this has interested you. More importantly it also lays out which illness goes with which.

    Here's a list if you're curious:

    Conscientious Obsessive-Compulsive
    Sensitive Avoidant
    Vigilant Paranoid
    Dramatic Histrionic
    Aggressive Sadistic
    Idiosyncratic Schizotypal
    Inventive Compensatory Narcissistic
    Solitary Schizoid
    Leisurely Passive-Aggressive
    Serious Depressive
    Self-Sacrificing Masochistic
    Devoted Dependent
    Self-Confident Narcissistic
    Adventurous Antisocial
    Mercurial Borderline
    Exuberant Cyclothymic | Three-Dimensional Views of Personality Types
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    Hmm... none of these really fit me.
    I have a vagina.

    ENTP . 7w6 sx/sp

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    In Oldhams I always get Leisurely style. So, I have a leisurely action style. Seems to fit...

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    Of these, I'd pick...

    Heart: Sensitive / Mercurial (I'm too moody for the former and too reserved for the latter...)

    Action: Leisurely - although none fit well (fun is NOT my motivation in life)

    Mind: Idiosyncratic
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    This system, from Oldham’s book “The New Personality Self-Portrait”, is as good or better than the Enneagram, though it never gained as much traction. Here’s a link to a quick method to identify your main style(s). Generally the top three are used, but if you take Oldham’s test in the original book, you end up with a chart to synthesize that shows the rank of each of the styles. | New Personality Self-Portrait Matrix

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