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    My sun sign is Libra. My rising is Cancer and my moon sign is Scorpio. However, I don't buy into astrology much. I only know these things because my cousin is an astrologer and finds me an "interesting study".

    I'm an INFJ 5w4, supposedly.
    A student said to his master: "You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?" The master replied: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war." - unknown/Chinese

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    Infinite Bubble


    It could be plausible that the changes of weather and other conditions throughout the year might, at some level, influence our personality depending on when we are born. People participate in different activities depending on the time of year, and have different habits. For these reasons, the chemicals running through the mother would differ slightly or have different concentrations, and that would influence the baby in the womb. Perhaps their is an increase of "introverted" children that are born in Winter, and slightly more "extroverted" ones in Summer, because of the contrast in general behaviors people have in these months. So the month one is born could in theory affect who you are, if only slightly.

    The issue with this of course is that, unlike Astrology, it could never be universal, because the weather and seasons differ from country to country. The culture would also have to be taken into account. And some places only have a dry or wet season, so the divisions aren't even uniform. But what I'm getting at is that Astrology's premise of the time of year affecting personality (if it is due to positions of the sky rather than weather etc) isn't completely nonsensical.

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    Is this the thread wherein wishes becomes ‘science’ via some sort of alchemical process?
    I’m a scorpio INFP, whatever that means.
    I’m also a flying goat named desmond, who prefers his toast done on one side, and one side only.
    Like a Möbius strip, we twist and turn on our way, but end up in exactly the same spot. This is delusion, and not ironic in the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinite Bubble View Post
    But what I'm getting at is that Astrology's premise of the time of year affecting personality (if it is due to positions of the sky rather than weather etc) isn't completely nonsensical.
    I agree that astrology might be possible in principle. It probably wouldn't explain very much variance in behavior, but perhaps there are a couple of cases where it's significant. For instance, we have recently discovered through epigenetics that it's possible to pass a stress response onto the child, and we are only just starting to explore what kinds of environmental factors can be passed on similarly (although the stress response likely evaporates quite quickly).

    Even if this is true, and it is possible pass a huge amount of information onto your child that goes far beyond anything science previously imagined, including related to the weather, etc, astrology as we know it will still be complete crap. What science discovers will be completely orthogonal to it, because astrology as it stands is complete crap. And the odds are that what science discovers about epigenetics won't be that mindblowing, because if it were, we probably would have noticed it already.

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    Sun in Taurus, 8th House
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    Libra on the Ascendant

    Mercury in Aries, 7th House
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    Jupiter in Pisces, 5th House
    Saturn in Sagittarius, 2nd House
    Uranus in Sagittarius, 2nd House
    Neptune in Capricorn, 3rd House
    Pluto in Scorpio, 1st House

    6w5-1w9-4w5 so/sx
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