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    Default INFJs, ISFJs, ENTPs, ESTPs...

    Any first hand accounts of how you experience Ti or Fe, or how they feed into each other?

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    Good question!

    Fe is a support role for me. I use it in varying situations, but sometimes I don't have as good a grip on it as I would like. As a performing musician, it can be awesome and a bitch, depending on how the audience reacts. If it's a good crowd, you're golden, but if Fe feels that it's not appreciated...uh oh. Nerves like you've never had before.

    Ti helps me mainly on teh interwebz. I can dissect and analyze arguments and propose improvements or declare inconsistencies. I think it helps with typing too actually. If I get into "introvert mode" Ti can easily take over and analyze Si's data to death with no regard for Fe's ethical realities.

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