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    You can get the type relationships on this site: (and then click on your type).

    Info on the relationships are here: Relationship Pairs: Definitions

    Advisor: each has an area of insight that the other lacks
    Cohort: mutually drawn into experiential escapades
    Companion: similar modes of expression: bear each other's company well
    Complement: compatible strengths with opposite emphases
    Supplement: like Pal, but functions are farther removed: each can add to the other's strengths
    Tribesman: share a sense of culture, but with different interests and abilities
    Anima: fits Dr. Beebe's description of the anima/anumus: each is the other's inferior (4th) function
    Contrast: point and counterpoint on each function
    Counterpart: perform similar functions in totally different realms
    Enigma: a puzzle: totally foreign in nearly every facet
    Identity: same types: a typological mirror-image
    Neighbor: arrive at the same place by variant processes
    Novelty: intriguingly different: interestingly so
    Pal: work and play well together: minimal natural type conflict
    Pedagogue: each is both the other's mentor and student: has a "parent to child" feel
    Suitemate: a person one might be comfortable sharing an office. Prefer similar climates, but don't necessarily have much in common as far as goals or world view

    For the ISTJ:

    Identity: ISTJ
    Supplement: INFP
    Companion: ISFJ
    Enigma: INFJ
    Pal: ESTJ
    Anima: ENFP
    Tribesman: ESFJ
    Novelty: ENFJ
    Complement: ISTP
    Suitemate: INTP
    Advisor: ISFP
    Neighbor: INTJ
    Contrast: ESTP
    Cohort: ENTP
    Pedagogue: ESFP
    Counterpart: ENTJ

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    so how owuld my relationship with my contrast work? (i.e. an ENTJ)

    Do I use Ti to her Te and Ne to her Ni, or is it a case of I use Ne to her Te and Ti to her Ni (seems to make more sense I guess)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcda View Post
    so how owuld my relationship with my contrast work? (i.e. an ENTJ)

    Do I use Ti to her Te and Ne to her Ni, or is it a case of I use Ne to her Te and Ti to her Ni (seems to make more sense I guess)...
    I would think that would depend on the situation, if the theory is right. I can see it going either good or bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Kross View Post
    To me, my sister is like the un-forgiving voice in the back my head that tells me I'm crap and useless.

    But my behaviour is always going to seem counter-intuitive to a ESTJ and vice-versa.

    I wonder whether I'm the evil voice in her head. That's a scary thought

    Short anecdote:

    That reminds me of this ESTJ guy on this message board I used to post at (non-MBTI board, but I typed him). He was a very smart guy and made some interesting posts, but he could really rub me the wrong way, as he had these very sure opinions on how everything should be done (and how everything's so easy....and why can't other people get it through their heads?). Every now and then he'd go off about "wacky" people, who, honestly, sounded like me . However, I could always get to him by pointing out that he was not compassionate enough or able to see other perspectives. I think I was the evil Ne Fi voice in his head: "I am not kind or caring or open-minded enough".

    Even more amusing was how he typed ENFP when an MBTI thread was made....there's no way he was an NF, but a part of him was pained not to be. He also made posts about how he used to always date these brooding, philosophical women and it never worked out, so he finally went against his "type" and dated an outgoing, practical woman and they got married and lived happily ever after (his wife sounds ESFJ). I think he was always trying to date his shadow before....
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    This looks like what I was trying to suggest here:

    I know Socionics had a developed complete Intertype dynamic (which is whay some said they lked it better), and I suggested that Beebe's model provided the basis for that in MBTI, but didn't know TypeLogic did that.
    (I have seen those type profiles, and probably thought the names at the bottom were their names for the types).

    I wonder if they discuss all eight processes and archetypes. (They do mention Beebe regarding the anima, and they mention something about "Type and Shadow", but many often refer to the Inferior as shadow).
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