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    Default Substance abuse/brain damage and MBTI

    I used to be very ISTJ when I was younger, seems stupid if I now correlate mostly with ENFP. At the age of 17 I began using alcohol and cannabis, sometimes very heavily. When I was 19 I had a psychosis (probably because of cannabis usage) and I noticed that my personality changed a lot, and others have said that too (mostly I became way more extroverted after I overcame panic attacks and so on).

    So, I am wondering if substance use can cause brain damage that changes the way your brain works and change personality permanently?

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    I wouldn't call the kind of mental change that occurred, shifting your personality from ISTJ to ENFP, "damage." I'd call it a blessing. Drugs will grant your every wish!

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    Oh hey! It's like one of those questions you get in IQ tests.

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