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    They're hipsters.
    Oh, its

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thisica View Post

    This gives me more reason to distrust what Jung said. But unfortunately, a lot of modern psychology research uses poor methodology No wonder some people think that psychology isn't a science.
    Yes, Psychology has no Periodic Table like Chemistry; Psychology has no general theory like Quantum Mechanics and Relativity in Physics; Psychology has no Natural Selection as in Biology.

    Yes, Psychology is not a fully fledged science, rather Psychology is a proto science.

    Psychology pretends it is a science with some of the trappings of a science, but it lacks the underpinnings we find in an actual science.

    And we don't know whether Psychology will become a fully fledged science in the light of new discoveries in Psychology, or whether Psychology will become an art form.

    The word, Psychology, is taken from the ancient Greek word, Psyche, meaning soul. So I guess Psychology will take its place among the art forms or as a form of religion.

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