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    Default Types are an impairment

    If I think this way, I should really be elsewhere. Which I actually do wish. Now. Right at this moment.

    I mean, I get this feeling from just reading those shitty descriptions of ENTJ from people whom I'd almost qualify as sane.

    My thought of ENTJ is more like this:

    Strong, somewhat stubborn, but acknowledges the greater plans. Perhaps pays more attention to their own thing. Isn't blind to feelings or thoughts of the moment.

    Most likely loves everything wise, everything substantial, everything that means a heck of a lot, and really seems to mean heck of a lot. This ENTJ has stamina enough to think of everyone.

    This ENTJ understands that the life is not just about win and oppressing your opponents. Our ENTJ listens. He listens just okay. He listens cool. He's somewhat of a boss, but not bossy. He uses his abilities to do good to people. He's discovered that side. Give or take anything, he's still a thinking, analyzing person inside.

    This ENTJ can find other sides of life than just playing "boss" or something like that. He's had enough of that. He knows how he can "rule" people. After a short time of that, he's not really interested of anything like that. Like most extroverted people, he's most interested of connecting, although in the least sentimental way.

    If this ENTJ meets suicidal people, he can talk to them just well. If this ENTJ meets people who own a billion, he can talk to them just well. This is our ENTJ. Cool with any situation.

    Our ENTJ is sometimes a bit sad for ENTJ being associated with Darth Wader and the likes. Gladly, that is of no consequence.

    This ENTJ can be a humane ENTJ. Not weak, but humane. He does not have to be a robot. He's experienced that. It was not okay. Our ENTJ is a human.

    Sorry, I spoiled your precisious hate-bubble.

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    What's going on with you?
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    Don't worry. It's one of those MBTi cliches that prevents people from ever spotting one in the real world. ENTJs I've known are social and laid back, decisive when they need to be. Usually quite entertaining when out drinking also.
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