Ok, so I just read in another thread, that there are so few S Types on here posting and it's getting hard to know them better and someone wished there were more videos of those on youtube blablabla.

So I just went to youtube and watched two videos of other entps.
Somehow I'm still not sure that I belong to that type and those videos did not help at all.

So dear community, do you think you could type me based on a video?
If so, what should be in this video to make the typing process easier for you?

Let's get it on!

On a slightly non related topic I thought it would be really cool if we could make a semiprofessional series of videos similar to the world of warcraft ads.
[YOUTUBE="mT8maUTzE48"]Prince of Darkness[/YOUTUBE]
Script could be something like this:

Hi, I'm an XXXX.
My type usually does blabla.
I like bla and blabla.

I'm an XXXX what is YOUR type?