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Actually, this is the point of the MBTI - to identify preference. But you're right in that you shouldn't focus on how often you use a function, just which you prefer and feel most natural using.
Yes, MBTI is definitely about preference, but focusing just on quantity can be misleading - functions you use less but are more conscious of can seem more salient than those you fundamentally prefer.

Example: I often prefer to use Ti to Te. I enjoy analysing, breaking theories down, identifying inconsistencies, and so forth. And for a long time, I thought I was an INTP, because if I had a choice between a Ti task and a Te task, I'd take the Ti task any day.

But the thing is, Ti is a luxury. It's fun. Te, it turns out, is something I have a more fundamental preference for, because I'm inclined to apply it to just about everything I do - it's a natural inclination that I was not fully aware of because it was so natural and so generalised.