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Thread: N games

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    Default N games

    describe the games you play as an intuitive.

    it feels like family feud to me but on roller skates. like the hooked on phonics version of scrabble where you have to invent a word, bc the dictionary tastes like stale over-buttered movie theatre popcorn.

    you know when you throw a strike.

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    My husband has devised an associating game, for two players.
    Player 1 thinks of two words (eg: 'traffic light' and 'ellipsis'). He says the first word.
    Player 2 says something associated to the first word. (eg. 'crossroad').
    Player 1 and 2 take turns associating. Player 1 tries to get to and say the second word.
    Don't tally points... Great game for in the car.

    There is a wildcard word: "Ne function". You can associate that to everything and the other player can associate everything to it. The only exception is the goal word, of course (but you can get very close to it if the other uses "Ne").
    Of course, using "Ne" is admitting your Ne function isn't working properly!
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    thread revival nudge.

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