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    Default Private Person vs. Public Face

    I have a sort of "split personality".
    I am very different when I am alone or with very close people (family, some friends, girlfriends) versus my public face. I am another person.
    I think my true personality is in the private because I express better and freely my thinking, feeling and instinct. I feel more alive.
    In public, maybe for social anxiety or for social convenience or to not make "enemies" or have problems, I act more self-contained, quiet and withdrawn than I feel and I would.

    But this is not a post to analyse me.
    I wonder if you experience the same thing, and especially I'd like to know if our true MBTI type is the private person or the public face.
    Or if the type is always ONE and the mbti shadow functions can explain all the difference in behaviour in different situation.

    Thanks. Bye.

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    Yes, I have the "mask on/mask off" thing going on as well. I think it's more to do with shadow functions that make the differences. Or something like that.

    Thanks. Bye.

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