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    Pan's Labyrinth - OMG Ni
    The Matrix (original) - maybe the most xNTJ movie ever (Cypher, the ISTP, being the betrayer and Smith, the uber-ISTJ the opponent).

    On the other hand, Ne movies tend to be the ones "impossible to film" like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (ENTP movie sine qua non), and Watchmen (Alan Moore being a quintessential INTP).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    Also Alice in Wonderland.

    I would say pretty much anything that requires you to totally change your mind set to fully appreciate and understand. Reading the complete works of Lewis Carrol is like Chicken Soup for the Ni soul for me.
    Dude, although there's some instances of Ni, it's an actual Ne+Ti head trip. One episode after another. It's a foray into awesome wordplay and logic, in the most randomest of fantasy lands. It's my most favourite resonated so well with me, when I first read it. And, to this day...

    To truly appreciate the book, one had to know the social and political climate of Britain then....there's a lot of inside jokes/associations.

    There's no way Ni is claiming Alice in Wonderland. No way.

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    I think HBO's Carnivale may be the finest use of Ni in Television.

    Not to mention it has an archetypal INTJ character in Belyakov (Management).

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