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  • I am a happy N

    49 63.64%
  • I am a happy S

    16 20.78%
  • I am an unhappy N and want to be an S is (if possible)

    10 12.99%
  • I am an unhappy S and want to be an N is (if possible)

    2 2.60%
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    I like who I am. Why would I want to be something different? I don't understand that urge or the reasoning. I'm an N and I go out and live life to the fullest - especially when I was young I took great risks and was always going on little adventures. If anything, my N fueled my ideas of what kind of interesting living I would be doing. So I think the N stereotype that they only live life in their heads are extreme, unbalanced, and/or unhealthy Ns.

    I have nothing against Ss and I appreciate what they do and why they are there. I'm quite sure there are as many N and S types that I do or don't get along with.

    I think my S side is developed enough to where I don't feel like I either hate them or want to be one, either. Maybe that's where this longing or disgust springs from - Ns with poorly developed Si or Se.

    I actually strongly identify with some ISFPs even though I'm totally an N, and the love of my life so far is an ISFP, probably because of dominant Fi and inferior Te. I also like ISFJs a lot. One of my closest friends is an ESFJ.


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    I found my life to improve when I stopped trying to force myself into S situations all the time and just embraced my N.

    In any case, the world takes all kinds, and I find that when N's and S's work together, they produce much higher quality insights than either does on their own. My best friend is an ISTP, and we have this dynamic where we each contribute to one another's ideas, and we each catch or see things that the other does not. Sure, there are misunderstandings, but for the most part it works great.
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    "I am a happy S"

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    I'd literally be a completely different person if I was an S, and I like who I am. I guess that makes me a happy N.
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    Eh, I'll finish it later.

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    lord no, i much prefer myself as an N.

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    Love both. SPs are amazing. It's actually hard to tell the difference between S and N sometimes - luckily I found the test through N and iNtuition is the only one I was sure of when I started (some doctor said I was very intuitive and even though I already knew what it meant I just had to look it up and wikipedia said it was part of Myers-Briggs, so I looked that up. Personally I think the difference in how they read people is that Ss look at body language and Ns look at details, kind of. Lie to Me vs. The Mentalist.
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    I'm content with being an S, but Ns are still cool.

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    Well, according to the poll, most seem to be quite happy with their perceiving function. I must admit that I do enjoy my Ni vageries.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kra View Post
    I found my life to improve when I stopped trying to force myself into S situations all the time and just embraced my N.
    I think that this is actually key: Realising where you fit best can be a great source of satisfaction. My only complaint would be with people who only look for comfortable situations and are not willing to grow by confronting new different situations.

    Funny thing, my father, a staunch INTJ whose only way to understand other people is through analyzing their type because of very low and repressed Fi, convinced me that I was an INFP. I never really related to the type's description and so I thought I was a broken INFP because I was not as creative and as Ne as the description said. One day though, I started to simply accept the INFP description and tried the suit on. It was only when I did this that I finally realised that it fit very poorly and started looking at other types. It's with a cognitive function test and with much exploration of the types that I finally found the right hat with the INFJ description (I had never thought of myself as a J because I thought my father embodied Jness. Now I realise that he embodies TJness).

    Anywho, back to the poll, it is interesting that 10% of poll takers say that they are Ns who would like to be Ss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoprocksAndCoke View Post
    SPs are amazing.
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    There are reasons, stashed away somewhere else on this forum, that I said it would be silly to completely and permanently wish to change your own type.

    However, temporarilly, I would like to experience being an ISTP. I guess it's not too typical on this site, but I'd change the N before any of the other letters.
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