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    Quote Originally Posted by warick View Post
    Lesbians on the other hand, I would go with xNTx, but I have even less experience with them, so that's just a guess.


    NT -- the cold, masculine type...

    I think for queer women it's a little different because there isn't as much of an internal cultural pressure to express yourself a certain way. In trad gay men's culture, you're definitely encouraged to be 'flamboyant, bitchy, etc.' so you would EXPRESS perhaps like an ESFP(?) even though that is not your actual type. For queer women, unless you are trying to be stone butch, you can pretty much express your personality/sexuality any way and still be validated in your homo-ness. Just from my own experience as someone invested in a a queer/women's community, queer women really run the full spectrum of personality type and expression and I would guess a type spread similar to their straight counterparts.

    Also, if you are "making a point" or else feel a need to be acitivist about your identity, of course it'll change the way you express it and are perceived by others. Is there a type for "IN YOUR FACE!?!?"

    I think for transgendered people (I'm thinking more M-to-F here), there is usually a desire but definitely external pressure to conform to or express traditionally 'masculine' or 'feminine' traits so that would encourage one to act more F or or more T depending on how you want to be perceived and especially to pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    The index/ring finger connection is being explored by many people nowadays; and it seems like testosterone impacts the ring finger's growth, although other variables are involved.

    But it's interesting, isn't it, how all these things are interconnected?

    They use that test over on the BBC Gender test (the link is posted around here somewhere)...
    For me, looking at the back of my hand, the ring finger is longer, but looking at the palm, the index appears bigger. I think they are about the same total... its interesting, though.

    Another thing, apparently men with a counter clockwise twist in their scalp or more liekly to be gay, but I might be mixing that one up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merkw View Post
    Recently, I have been considering something, although there is a reasonable chance that it is not type related:
    What do you think is the relationship between MBTI type and sexuality--specifically speaking, orientation and sexual drive? Are certain types more prone to homosexuality, bisexuality, or transexuality then others? Secondly (I'm quite confident that this one is type related, though), what is the correlation between sexual drive and type? In your personal opinion, which type would be most sexually active, and which the least (perhaps even being asexual)? I have several of my own opinions on this matter, yet I would like first to observe the opinions others.
    It is not that we could not discuss type and the sexual orientation in principle.

    The first homosexual I met was a person I shared a class with.
    We had forty students in our class.

    He was effeminate.
    And he was lucky not to be a schoolboy today.

    A class is a shared room of study.
    In my day the rule (=the code of solidarity) in private schools dictated that you did not bully a classmate.

    The socialist politicians demolished all the schools.
    The class system is history.
    There exists no private schools any longer.

    In the class system we had a solidarity within the group (=class).
    Should someone try to bully another student this would be protected by his classmates.
    You did not ask what was the pretext of the bully.

    Unfortunately the school system today brings about intolerance.

    An open net works in a closed field.
    A closed net works in an open field.

    The MBTI is a closed net. It works in an open field only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Most transsexuals (pre or post) I have talked to have usually been either S types or NFs (a higher than normal percentage of NFs, I think). I honestly have trouble remembering ever meeting an NT transsexual (well, except for substitute. )
    Me... Sugarbooger on INTPc

    Edit: Oh shit this is an old thread

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