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    Quote Originally Posted by Unkindloving View Post
    Needs more research:
    Research me all you want.
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    Real quick on top of my head assessment

    quiet fond on INTJs not so much as close friends but more on them being interesting creatures. This curiosity has expanded to ENTJs.

    When I came here I was pretty biased against ISTJs/ I notice their value more and appreciate how the individual can break and transcend a lot of the Stereo types.

    Always like ESTPs (and one of my real life personas when I go party/pick up is mostly ESTP. The ESTPs here mostly confirmed this belief.

    INTPs...the ones here I like or tend to forgive easily and find much more fasinating than most of the INTPs I have met at INTPc. In general am proud to be an INTP "the chosen" type.

    ISTP - great partners in crime as long as they don't get caught and make me an accessory

    ENTPs. They still have my head spinning.

    ISFP - Want to meet more irl. Sweet wonderful people in general.

    ENFPs - This place really made me appreciate and like these types more. Fun and lovable.

    The other types I am still working on as a type but most of the individual here I read are fun and/or interesting to one degree or another. Need more time to figure out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
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    ISFJ: Very natural match for me. Very easy to open up too and love.
    ISTJ: No drama is my favorite part of this type. Just simple and fun and easy to get along with.
    ENTJ: Great match when I find them. I think these guys are a blast to be around. They always say what i'm thinking and are fast paced and able to make fun things happen!
    ENTP: Fun and very entertaining. The funniest of all types. Very few bad experiences i8n my memory. Would like to meet more females of this type, I think we would raise havoc!
    ESFP: When a good one comes around, one of my favorite types. Can get me laughing harder than anyone else. I love that I can state my true thoughts and feelings and not get weird looks from these guys. Relateable, obviously.
    ISFP: Never had a bad experience with one. Very laid back, go with the flow, low drama friendships, which I love. Relateable in different ways than ESFP.
    INFP: Natural, happy, and light friendships.

    ESTJ: Usually they can grow on me if I'm around them a lot, but can't stay close to one so far.
    ESFJ: Fine for the most part. They have big potential to annoy me though. I've learned to zone them out if needed and just smile and nod.
    INTP: I've had great experiences and terrible experiences with these guys. Some communication issues but overall a natural and comfortable exchange.
    ENFP: No complaints. Similar to myself. Can be annoying and way to hyper for me at times. Usually fun and I love that I can let my silliness loose with this type. but don't tend to build close relationships with them.
    ENFJ: Can be good or bad. Bad ones seem really bossy and overzealous and almost intimidatingly full of energy. Good ones are very caring and motivational and light and carefree. Few close relationships with this type.
    INFJ: Very rare. Can build a good relationship when one comes along. No outstanding opinion one way or the other.

    Not so great so far:
    INTJ: I get along with most of the INTJs in my life now. But came to this very unnaturally and had to force myself to understand their point of view. Very difficult for me to understand and like this type. Usually seem very uptight and lifeless to me at first and need to spend lots of time with them to build a good relationship and see the good qualities. (Funny, reliable, loyal, smart, and able to loosen up once they warm up to you.)
    ESTP: Usually intimidating to me, especially the females. Get the initial feeling that we're similar but then find on closer look that we're not.
    ISTP: Don't know too many, but there is a definite history of communication nightmares. I like this type better as a distant acquaintance and they seem to like me better that way too. No confirmed females in my life but would like to meet one.

    (PS. This is all separate from type C. I think if we made this same thread on type C members than some of the positions would change)
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    Consistently good:
    ENTP: we can be silly in a very awesome way
    ENFP: for the same reason as the ENTP, though I don't think I could count on them during tough times
    ENTJ: as long as they have a sense of humor about themselves, they challenge me and we admire each other's confidence, reliable
    ISFJ: love'em to bits, lots of fun since we teach each other a lot, reliable
    INTJ: have insane conversations together and much the same type of humor

    People I get along with depending on factors other than type:
    INFJ: generally awkward during day-to-day conversation, but there during the hard times
    ISTJ: i either love or hate them
    ENFJ: fun just for conversation, can't stand debating with them though

    The others I have no idea about or I don't know enough of that type.
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    It has everything to do with the individual....but based on my friends and people I've dated...

    I usually get along well with:
    ISFJs - Sometimes we clash on rules, but most I've known are very sweet and earnest and truly good people. We can actually have similar interests, but different ways of looking at it.

    ENFJs - Just love 'em to pieces & I always get an insta-bond with them IRL. I've only met one guy I suspect who might be ENFJ who has a creepy cult leader vibe, but by far the exception. I love the mix of friendly and warm, but with depth and insight.

    INFJs - I've only known a few IRL, but we seem to get along well. I like the ones I've talked to indepth online. There's enough differences to keep it interesting.

    ENFPs - I don't think I've ever met one I didn't like. I've had many ENFP friends IRL. EXFPs tend to be my best female friends.

    ISFP - I like them as friends a lot & we can often have much in common. I've mistaken quite a few for INFPs because we have a good Fi-Fi connection, and I find Se and Ne mostly complementary.

    I have mixed feelings about:
    ESFJs - they can be sweet & giving & wonderful (the Fe aspects I like), or overbearing and shallow. I have a feeing I might like ESFJ men a lot. I'm not sure if I've known any well. My grandma is this type & while she can annoy me she's also one of the people I am closest to in the world.

    ESFPs - I've had great ESFP friends who I have a lot of fun with, but some can be too hedonistic/shallow/self-absorbed/attention-whoring (even the ones I get along with). The ESFPs I am close to are really smart and it frustrates me when they like to play dumb. I find them really loyal as friends though, and when I like them I totally love them. Healthy, developed Fi in an ESFP can really make a difference.

    ISTJs - I like the ones who are not uptight/stuck on rules. I've had a few guy friends of this type who big music nerds & I can always count on them for bootlegs and what not. I am wary of them when it comes to dating though; I'm afraid they will cage me.

    ISTPs - They seem really interesting, but we never totally gel. I think I'm too bookish for them .

    INTPs - I will often get along well with them at arm's length or in the beginning, but the ones who are immature and get belligerent ruin it. It's too bad, because we have great conversations. I think maturity/balance makes the difference with them.

    I am wary of:
    ESTP - they've just proven over & over that they cannot be trusted, and I hate when they have a mean/vulgar sense of humor. However, I know nice ones exist (don't worry Halla, I know you're cool ).

    ESTJ - we hardly cross paths, because I avoid them like the plague when I observe them being abrasive and caustic...again, I'm sure some are cool. I don't write off whole types. I've met some I like.

    INTJ - I've met sooo many IRL. They always want to date me. There is an inexplicable draw at first...and then nothing. I honestly find them a little....dull.

    ENTPs - they seem smart, funny, creative, but we don't gel for some reason. I know one ENTP woman IRL and she's really cool, but I couldn't see us ever being close.

    Not enough data:
    INFP - met one guy IRL that I didn't like, but I like many online.
    ENTJ - met very few. My aunt may be one (not sure about her), and if so I think I'd mostly like them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    Research me all you want.
    Yea, yea buddy :p. I should've known you'd say something!
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    I get along with all types. That doesn't mean I like them.

    INTP - I get along with best. My ex-boyfriend (who is now still a very good friend) is one and we have an understanding of each other within our large group of ExxJ friends.
    INFJ and INFP - I connect with the most. They're lovely.
    INTJ -
    ESFx - My mom and most of my female friends happen to be ESFx, but the relationship is extremely one-sided (I can't stand to be around most of them too much and I can't stand my mom's controlling nature). I do enjoy their company when it's light and friendly. And I attract them like moths to an INFP who they think they're manipulating.
    ENFP - My sister and an ex-boyfriend. They can be insanely annoying but I like being one of the few they allow to actually connect with them rather than going out for shots and skydiving.
    ExTP - I've had too many hit on me.

    Of course, type isn't my deciding factor in forming relationships.

    ..except maybe you, INTJs....

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    Having a clue:
    intjs // If there's one thing I admire about the intjs I've known and grown to love, it's their paradoxical ability to be so self-contained but appreciative of the weird stuff in life and other people (and their ideas). There's also something immensely gratifying about allowing them to show their soft side, to laugh along with, knowing that he/she will stick with you through thick and thin. Oh, the loyalty!

    infps // I rather enjoy simply shooting the shit with them, knowing that we won't (externally!) judge each other, allow each other to bounce assorted fleeting feelings of the moment.

    intps // Maybe what sets them apart from intjs for me is that the main reason for the connection is pretty much exclusively how I respect their space and they, in turn, do the same (rather than that + emotional connection with intjs). I value/respect them most for their emotional honesty.

    estps // Strangely, when I do run into them, it feels like a coming home of sorts. They draw me into doing stuff, which is an amazing feat for anyone. Their strength, intelligence, earthiness, and especially their cute tertiary emoting are all traits that I value in them. Feeding them semi-pseudo intellectual fodder every now and then puts their so-called controlling tendencies in check.

    Contemplating dinner:
    istps // Again, respect for privacy/sensitivity is big. I/we show respect/care for the others function order, understanding and valuing our differences without stepping on toes.

    enfjs // I feel great around them, but apart from the idealistic puffing/fluffing up that we give each other in exchanges, I usually don't come away feeling that I need to stay in contact with them. Dominant Fe is likely my qualm. It can be strangely hard showing them trust.

    Van Halen reunion concerto:
    entjs // Great, smiling people with brains to back up their enthusiasm. Bundles of fuckin' joy, but they can be too hot too handle and difficult to keep up with (apart from the gap in emotional understanding). Like estps, they want you to get out and join in doing stuff with them, which can be valuable in a friend.

    entps // Yes! I love spending time with them, listening to/engaging in jokes/blazingly intuitive trains of thought. All of it's a blast. I wish there were more there, but friendships haven't been as deep as others.

    enfps // I don't know what's happened here. Rather enjoy their company, but being such a solitary individual, there isn't much of a lasting/deeper connection/trust.

    Looking at pricetags:
    esfps // I can enjoy their company, their earthy, emotional honesty and ability to make me laugh. However, a substantial connection that extends beyond acquaintanceship usually simply isn't established.

    isfjs // Above all, it's their inherent kindness/respect for others that keeps them up as high as they are on this list. Reliable people. Not much to talk about with.

    infjs // There's a decent connection, though in the past I'd often wished there were more. It can be difficult to draw each other out and equally easy to trip over those invisible wires so often discussed here.

    istjs // Often, to my surprise, there's a quiet understanding found here that can be rewarding. In the end, a bit too traditional/austere for me to think twice about establishing anything remotely resembling friendship.

    isfps // Generally emotionally forthcoming and reliable. In the end, however, there isn't much to relate to on the intellectual level (and even emotionally, I've found that in close range they can lack the emotional subtly that I'm comfortable with).

    esfjs // They make nice lapdogs. Too much (seemingly wasted) energy for me to handle. I'd put them in the next slot down if I didn't love my mom.

    Stringing myself up:
    estjs // I stay away whenever possible. Too much crazy batshit emotionally-fueled Te for this quiet little chia pet of an infp to settle on any level of comfort.

    thinking of you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miserable View Post
    That sounds really great
    What kind of stuff do you two do together? I'd really like to know.
    We don't really do anything to be honest. We just get on really well because we get eachother. I'm probably the only one that knows how crazy she really is. We've been best friends for since we were 6
    Generally when we're together its just her talking about everthing she really loves, anything from Doctor Who to DeathNote, while i just listen intently and nod at the appropriate times. I love how honest and opinionated she is. Shes so completely different from me and that makes her really interesting, especially her facial expressions haha. They are like nothing i've ever seen before xD

    So basically we just talk non stop about anything at all
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    Quote Originally Posted by candylandjoe View Post
    Having a clue:
    Contemplating dinner:
    Van Halen reunion concerto:
    Looking at pricetags:
    Stringing myself up:
    That was an awesome classification

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