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    Default ENxPs and self-improvement

    So I've noticed something about the ENxPs I know. They always have a number of various interests/set of skills (more than the average person, usually), and are often motivated to learn things simply because they see it as a form of self-improvement. Or am I mistaking it for just being excited about new ideas? Well, regardless, my ENxP friends always have a really interesting set of skills because of this, and they're always interested in new and exciting things to take on.

    I only say they're motivated by self-improvement because while I've seen an ESTP friend take on similar interests as an ENTP friend, the ESTP friend seems to be pickier in what he's involved in and chooses things based on what he'd really enjoy -for himself-, and the ENTP friend really does choose things soley because he wants to diversify/improve himself. I also have an ENFP friend who slaves away at his various interests all the live long day (including a graduate program and crafting aboriginal interests), to the point where it appears like he's reaching for an unattainable self, and it's not even an enjoyable process anymore. I realize this is probably a misconception of mine, but it appears to me that an extreme form of this results in choosing things more for others than for yourself

    As an ISTP, and in all honesty, I've really, truly admired this trait in ENxPs, but I'm curious about the long-term effect. So ENxPs: Can you relate to anything I've just said, and what are some examples? Do you like this about yourself or dislike it? Am I mistaken when I say it can get to the point where it's no longer enjoyable, and if not, what did you do about it? Is the process of working towards a better self actually fulfilling enough? Did you do this in the past, but balance out over time?
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    Can you relate to anything I've just said


    I'm inspired to learn, I live to find challenges and for me understanding and improving self is something that is interesting so it's not surprising that I mix them whenever I can... don't necessarily finish what I start though.

    An example I'd give is getting involved with something like Toastmasters, it's not really that enjoyable for me but it is a challenge and as such it's something I want to do, I know that it pushes me out of my comfort zone in a way that helps me improve.

    Do you like this about yourself or dislike it?

    I like it, self-improvement generally get positive results, even if they're not direct. What I don't like is I often lack the motivation to stick at things I don't enjoy for too long though unless the benefits are really worth it imo.

    Am I mistaken when I say it can get to the point where it's no longer enjoyable, and if not, what did you do about it?

    Nope, it does. I either stop, or I don't *shrug*

    Is the process of working towards a better self actually fulfilling enough?

    Usually. Well that and positive results/outcomes/effects.

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    Yes, I can totally relate to what you have just said. Let me give you some concrete examples:

    a) When I first came to Germany in the summer of 2000, I visited my now ex-boyfriend for three months. Boy, was he shocked when I asked if I could enroll in a course to perfect my German pronunciation! "But you're on vacation! You can do whatever you want, and you want to attend a COURSE?!?!" Like I was a nerd! But I saw this as a unique opportunity to perfect my German in the country, and I did not know at the time that I would end up living here. In fact, I had no idea I would be able to come again, so I saw this as a unique opportunity.

    b) While I was still teaching at a language school, I wanted to enroll in German courses to weed out my mistakes, even though I speak it on a C2 level (proficient, near-native speaker): The key was 'near'-native speaker. I wanted to weed out those pesky errors, and although a part of me knows I will never do it completely, I still want to speak as well as I can.

    c) When I was in Australia, I delved a bit into Siddha Yoga. I found the meditation techniques were great for calming down my overly-active mind. Some people might laugh at that and think it was like a cult thingy because they are not open-minded and don't really give it a chance, but I found meditation quite helpful and complementary to a Christian lifestyle. In fact, I found it really helped me on my evolutionary developement.

    d) At school, I'm very devoted to helping OTHERS achieve their evolutionary potential as well. In fact, I voluntarily give extra help to students who request it, and help others as much as I can by reaching out to them when they are receptive. I'm not sure if our ENTP cousins are quite as interested in that aspect, but I can say it brings me joy beyond belief when I see people extending beyond what they thought possible, and I like to believe I helped them achieve their goals, if only a little bit.

    e) Even though I think I'm quite good at what I do (teaching) I'm always open for learning new things. In fact, if I believe I am being held back or have learned all there is to know, I'm likely to move on to something else. One very frustrating thing about my other private language school is that they did not offer me additional continuing ed courses although they were available and I expressed interest on multiple occasions. My new ideas were not always warmly accepted either, not even to try!!! Or even EXPLORE!!! That kind of thing makes the whole experience SOUR very, very quickly for me.

    f) I'm very interested in interacting with others and with a variety of media and materials to learn new things, which I generally absorb very quickly like a sponge. It sets my synapses a-fire, which really gets me energized and hyperactive lol. This can either be humorous and jovial/silly interaction to relax one minute, and the next I can be totally serious and engaging in a super-deep political debate. I love people who can adapt like that as well and complement me (like my husband ---> INTP).

    Uh, yeah, I could go on, but I think you get the general gist. If I can help you see these trends in any other more useful way, just let me know!

    OHHH! And by the way, that's my primary motivation for studying MBTI - learning about myself and others more.
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    I can totally relate to this.

    However it is not always about self improvement. It is more about understanding through direct experience how things work and what it is about.

    For me it started very early with sports. In my life I tested a whole awful lot of different sports, and although I never got an expert in any of those I can quickly pick up the mechanics of a sport I have never done and advance far quicker than other people and am able to beat someone equally unexperienced without even trying.

    In my life I did the following sports (doing means at least a period of 4 months showing high interest in it and training at least twice a week):
    Tennis (competitive, 4 years), Table Tennis (competitive, 3 years), Soccer (competitive 3 years), American Football (competitive, 4 years), Cheerleading (competitive including a sixth place at national championships, 6 years), Gymnastics (4 months), Skiing (4 months), Ice Blading (6 months), Badminton (competitive 2 years), Judo (competitive, 3 years), Aikido (6 months), Volleyball (4 months), Billiard (5 months), Minigolf (8 months), track and field athletics (competitive, 6 years), basketball (6 months), handball (1 year).
    Most possible I missed a couple, but it should give you an indication at least and should as well be much more than other types pursue.

    Out of doing those sports alone got me a high skill level in the fields of training methods, warming up methods, teamleading, conflict management, strategic and tactical analysis, anatomics and functionalities of the human body, applied physics, sports lingo, networking etc.

    Those skills are easily transferable into any new field I set my interest upon and ultimately lead into me being awesome in everything I choose to do.

    There is absolutely no doubt that I like it the way it is and I really can't imagine - despite my powerful NE, it being otherwise.

    The process of picking up something new and discovering the inner secrets of a topic is always interesting. The topic itself may not be, but I can easily ditch it if I don't want to pursue it anymore.

    Getting a better understanding of how things work is fulfilling, yes.
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