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    Quote Originally Posted by teslashock View Post
    Well, without N we'd just have sciece and without S we'd just have cience. It seems to function better in the latter scenario

    I just wanted to point out that I was able to type my friend (ENTP) after reading that horrible joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    Sense is essentially more emperical than iNtuition, which is important to science.
    More or less...
    For real empirical research, you're going to test a theory. You can watch the apple fall for a thousand times and not think about gravity. Science is about seeing general laws in the multitude of phenomena (an N thing). It's also about testing those laws to see if they are correct (a S thing).

    Let me give an example.
    Do heavy things fall faster than light things, all other properties being equal?
    This is actually a very abstract, general question an N would pose. I'm going to give an N answer now. Suppose the heavy object would fall faster. If you glue the heavy and the light object together, the light object would act as a parachute and the combined object would fall at medium speed. But the combined object is heavier than the heavy object, so it has to fall even faster. Contradiction - heavy and light objects fall at the same rate.
    But here the scientist's work is not ready! Not at all!

    Make a slope. Get a heavy and a light object. Let them glide along the slope. See which one gets down the first. Take care of the details: the heavy and the light objects should be of the same shape and size. They should be covered with the same paint. The slope should be as slippery as possible.

    If you stop after the intuitive part of science, you'll get things like this: the circle is perfect, so every planet moves in a circle. You don't have to test it - as the theory is perfect, it is true.

    If you take only the sensing part of science, you will have a huge list of phenomena, described in detail - but no general gravity saying the apple in the orchard and the moon obey the same laws.

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