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2. It's an extremely demoralizing way for me to live. I just hate it. I get angry, surly, and turn into Captain Nitpick if forced to adhere to that sort of operation for any length of time. I really, really need to be able to just go with the flow -- not that I won't compromise, but if *I* am doing something, I need to be free to do it *my* way (unless I can be convinced there's a better way... but "you should write a plan first" won't convince me). Wrapped into this is anger when I (inevitably) get told that spending more time planning would help me get things done faster (doubly wrong).
Yesterday I was trying to work with an ENTP to write a feasibility plan. He said "make a date on my calender and then give me a week's buffer after the date." WTF? You are fucking killing me! So now I have to make two dates, planning around built in procrastination. When I said we had to run it by the Project manager he said "it isnt like we are building a jet plane" No dumb ass we are putting together feasibility plans for your brilliant idea that have to be approved by a room full of executives after being resourced. i actually told him that. I also told him he was killing me. Then I bitched at him for not returning my emails, where the hell are the notes I needed. Then I hung up on him. After that I emailed him and told him I would only have conference calls with him drunk from here on out.

Then he calls me at nine that night and he debated why and how to support customers for an hour. I am an ENFP. I LOVE my customers, but oh, no mr entp knows better than me and lectured me endlessly on the topic. WHY ARE YOU NOT WRITING MY FEASIBILITY PLAN???????? I did say this...cause I just say this shit. WHERE IS MY PLAN? MY DATA? he's working on it....over cocktails....

Oh even better-I spent three weeks collecting market data and prepping a presentation. I should have spent two months as I procrastinated. It was due 48 hours before the meeting with executives. My part was done. Mr ENTP-no slides. 24 hours before-no slides. 4 hours before-no slides. 1 hour before-the slides finally show up. Then mr entp comes in and gives the entire presentation. He blathered for an hour on two slides. Not a bad presentation, but I think my stomach is bleeding.

I explained to him after the meeting that I am going to cut out his kidneys and sell them on ebay. Well that was the original plan. Now I am going to saute them and eat them. I would sell his liver but it is so damaged by alcohol consumption that I could only eat it. It has been marinated in lots of scotch.

So yes I do procrastinate and yes it does help and yes I typically dont do crap until the night before. But nothing compared to some of the entps I work with. They make my eyes bleed.... (and yes I know it only gets worse the harder you try and get them to do anything. I really try hard not to go crazy Te on their asses. It's hard.)