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Oh shit, this is eerily recognisable... Thanks for sharing!

I've had a lot of these terribly stressful dreams in the years where I was depressed and felt I was loosing myself and was hopeless in general.

The dreams were a little different each time, but it was always the same haunted feeling of "I'm-late-and-lost-and-keep-losing-things". Sometimes also running around lost halfnaked or having the wrong clothes and not able to find the right ones or no time to look for them because I have to be on the move. Often I'd be rushing around over-packed with suitcases and bags and important stuff I kept loosing track of or were much too much to carry or were the wrong things with no way to get to the right things. Being late and wrongly equipped and not able to find where I'm going to or who or what I was supposed to be looking for, running around like a headless chicken.

Some were real nightmares, like having my baby-son in a suitcase, the suitcase on a bus and the bus driving away without me, me running after it trying to remember where it was headed to and not knowing how to get there first.
Some were just exhausting and I'd wake up all stressed and feeling hugely inadeaquate. The dreams became fewer as my depression went away and they are very rare these days. Don't miss them AT ALL!

Interesting if this subconscious stress is an expression of aspirational / inferior / disturbing Si in ENxPs. At least when we are not feeling strong in our Ne-Fi (Te) core.
I have nightmares like that