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    So I've been trying lately to work on my feeling and perceiving in an effort to learn something interesting and maybe relate to others better, but I found I've just become really uncomfortable and even slightly depressed doing this. I've been taking the backseat in decision making and I've been trying to be more sensitive and accomodating of peoples feelings but overall I just feel like everything in my life has started to fail. I also think I am kind of having trouble reverting to my original thinking processes and my mind is just a giant mess now.

    I guess I just shouldn't try to change my type. Has anybody tried something like this before? Am I just doing it wrong

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    This may sound utterly nuts-first do you really want to become those other letters or just tone your natural functions down a bit? I'd expect those are two very different goals.

    If you want to tone yourself down a bit, ask others to give you feedback on things you may be unaware of and modify specific targets.

    Id guess as an ENTJ, you often can be very intimidating and argumentative-at least that's what the others think-I like you that way! You may also be unaware of Fe social issues-like everyone should always act nice on the surface, even if they dislike you. (Actually the more they dislike you the nicer they are-very, very odd...)

    So be careful in meetings or groups to listen and weigh others options as well as your own. Dont not express your own-you will normally be right. Dont be overly nice and touchy-feely, but try to pay attention to the shrapness in your tone and give others an extra few seconds to answer. Try and relaxe your own need for immediate results-just by a few seconds even, and I bet you will see people relax a bit. Verbally let them know-"Sometimes I may seem intense and very focused, but I do value your opinion and will not be angry if you disagree" Then keep that promise and make sure not to jump on others too hard if they do disagree.

    Changing your type might not be a good idea. They are not your strong functions, so you can play with them for short amounts of time, or wear them like a mask, but they will always be difficult to use effectively. Having said that I am playing with the concept some.

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