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Thanks for the article. I think, though, that someone would need some sort of extraordinary evidence (like home video footage or something like compulsiverambler said) in order to make the case that they were just a really smart ADHD kid. I fear that they will probably diagnose me with depression (which I am definitely not) or anxiety (which I might have) before ADHD.

In any case, like you, I too am looking for a cheaper and more reliable source of adderall. But it's not like I'm faking my symptoms...the thing that prompted me to look into any of this (including the adderall) was my constant underachievement in school, and (more recently) my inability to get anything done this semester with my increased workload. It usually takes me very long to read things that I don't want to read, and this semester I have to read at least three times more stuff that I don't want to read. So naturally I'm a little screwed.

And thanks compulsiverambler for the advice. I imagine that they are going to give me a battery of tests in addition to discussing my history, and I will definitely look into getting some home videos to see if they have anything important to show.
I think the trick is to skip the psychologist and go straight to the drug dealer, the psychiatrist. I was able to get adderall prescribed with no formal tests, no real diagnosis (I don't think), just a visit where I made a great case for it without seeming overly interested and not exaggerating my symptoms too much.