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    Default Temperament Ideas, Revisited

    Any person studying MBTI with a critical eye will notice the apparent inconsistency of the NF/NT/SJ/SP system. Why would T/F in Ns function so similarly to J/P in Ss? Instead of taking the traditional defense of this system taken by many MBTI practitioners,(notably Keirsey) I would like to use this thread to explore the other possible temperament sorting mechanisms.

    Some of the possible temperaments:

    By the "bookend" letters (dominant function orientation):
    IP (Ji-Pe) / IJ (Pi-Je) / EP (Pe-Ji) / EJ (Je-Pi)
    The advantage of this system is the nature of how introverted and extraverted perceiving functions and judging functions interact as a whole, without the T/F and N/S divides.
    By dominant function type:
    T-dom (ETJ,ITP) / F-dom (EFJ,IFP) / S-dom (ESP,ISJ) / N-dom (ENP/INJ)
    Many have argued that a person's personality is determined largely by their dominant function. In one view, all other functions are "slaves" to this dominant.
    By preferred perceiving function:
    NJ (Ni) / NP (Ne) / SJ (Si) / SP (Se)
    In theory, perceiving functions are closer a person's unconscious self, and thus their unconscious tendencies. Be closer to the unconscious self, these functions are closer to the "true," less altered, person.
    By extraverted function:
    FJ (Fe) / TJ (Te) / NP (Ne) / SP (Se)
    Extroverted functions are how a person interacts with the world. These functions can largely affect how a person is seen by others.
    By top 4 functions:
    Ti-Fe-Si-Ne (SFJ, NTP) / Te-Fi-Si-Ne (STJ, NFP) / Ti-Fe-Se-Ni (STP, NFJ) / Te-Fi-Se-Ni (SFP, NTJ)
    This model follows the theory that people prefer either the introverted or the extraverted form of any given function. These roughly correspond to the Socionics concept of "Quadras."
    I do not insinuate that any of these sortings are better than any other. I am not suggesting a replacement of the traditional NF/NT/SJ/SP system at this point. (although one may come later) This thread is to EXPLORE other perspectives, essentially analyzing each type from different angles. There are more possible temperaments than the ones I have posted above. Feel free to offer other possibilities here.
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    Keirsey's groups stem from mapping the ancient temperaments (filtered through Kretschmer's Character Styles) to the MBTI framework. Then, you have their mirrors: NJ, NP, ST, SF, which when divided by E/I, yield the Interaction Styles, which also correspond to the ancient temperaments (the first group is leadership skills while the second one is social skills, and each type is a blend between both).

    Since the ancient temperaments seemed to be connected with the core needs, that's why they are retained and remain popular and used more than the other groups.
    But those others do have good uses.

    "thje "bookends" are called the "sociability temperaments" and were discussed by APT's Geroge Frisbie. For N's, they correspond to the Interaction Styles.

    the "perceiving" groups are also known as the "cognitive temperaments", and were used by Janet Germane.

    Here are the rest of the two letter groups:

    S/N + T/F (Original Myers "Temperaments"; preferred function combinations)

    SF preferred Sensing and Feeling (Concrete Feeling, concrete [role-]informatives)
    ST preferred Sensing and Thinking (Concrete Thinking, concrete directives)
    NF preferred iNtuiting and Feeling (Abstract Feeling; Apollonian/Idealist)
    NT preferred iNtuiting and Thinking (Abstract Thinking; Promethean/Rational)

    T/F + J/P ("Myers/McCaulley groups", "Normative Temperaments", "Judging temperament model", "Judging attitudes")

    TJ preferred extraverted Thinking
    TP preferred introverted Thinking
    FJ preferred extraverted Feeling
    FP preferred introverted Feeling

    E/I + S/N (I call them "language styles")

    ES (expressive, concrete)
    EN (expressive, abstract)
    IS (reserved, concrete)
    IN (reserved, abstract)

    E/I + T/F
    (I call this "Social image temperaments". Nobody ever seems to use this group, but it does seem to capture our surface behavior. For S's, it matches the Interaction Styles).

    EF (ETB: "expressive feelers")
    ET (ETB: "expressive thinkers")
    IF (ETB: "deep feelers")
    IT (ETB: "deep thinkers")
    APS Profile: Inclusion: e/w=1/6 (Supine) |Control: e/w=7/3 (Choleric) |Affection: e/w=1/9 (Supine)
    Ti 54.3 | Ne 47.3 | Si 37.8 | Fe 17.7 | Te 22.5 | Ni 13.4 | Se 18.9 | Fi 27.9

    Temperament (APS) from scratch -- MBTI Type from scratch
    Type Ideas

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