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    ENTJ or INFJ. I think I come off like a strange hybrid between the two sometimes.

    IRL, I would guess people would see me as IXTJ superficially. On the surface, I am not warm, a bit formal, critical, intimidating, analytical, blunt....the excessive use of smileys and exclamation marks online is misleading.

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    ENFJ for me, too. I'm extremely driven and goal-oriented, but I'm definitely more of a P than a J when you compare the actual meanings of the two letters.

    I also have INFP/INFJ tendencies, but my extraversion and my perceiving do manage to beat them out in the long run.
    My intuition and feeling are unquestionable - it would be hard to meet a more NF person than me.


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    Close run contest between ENTJ and ISFP, which logically speaking, probably shouldn't make any sense. But that's how I feel, so there you have it.
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